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 Yutake Hiroki's Jutsus/Abilities

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Yutake Hiroki
Genin of the New Terrace
Genin of the New Terrace

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PostSubject: Yutake Hiroki's Jutsus/Abilities   Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:48 pm


Name: Bushin no Justu
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Description: The user creates an exact double of themselves that immediately disappears when coming into contact or attacked by the opponent.

Name: Bikou Ninjutsu: Shadowing Stealth Technique
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Description: A basic technique that varies from ninja to ninja used in order to follow a specific target without being seen.

Name: Katon: Kasumi Embu no Jutsu: Mist Waltz
Rank: N/A
Type: Attack
Element: Fire
Description: after a few hand signs the user proceeds to blow a combustible mist at the opponent which, if in contact with fire, will explode.

Name: Kawarimi no Jutsu: Body Substitution
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Description: When in danger the ninja quickly substitutes a near by object for his/herself in order to flee. the substitution can be anything from a tree trunk to a actual person.

Name: Katon: Housenka no jutsu: Mystical Fire Phoenix
Rank: C
Type: Attack
Element: Fire
Description: The ninja does the necessary hand seals and then emits a series of small fire balls. The ninja can also hurl a projectile which is covered in these same flames. To the opponent the attack appears to be only the balls of flame, they do not see the hidden threat within the flames. Meaning that even if the flames are put out, the projectiles still converge on the target. The flames can be used to cover different projectiles like shuriken or kunai.

Name:Chakra Kyuuin Jutsu: Chakra Absorption
Rank: Unknown
Type: Attack
Element: N/A
Description: After activitating the technique, the user's hand will glow with chakra. When he/she touches his/her palm on his opponents body, they can withdraw the physical and spiritual energy out of them. By reducing their chakra, it greatly increases his advantage over his opponent.


Name: T. Kick
Description: Using Scientifically engineered implants in his body, Yutake can kick the air in order to cover more ground. the kicks are unnoticeable and can only be explained by blue or purple bursts (blue meaning a slight burst and purple a heavy) of energy that comes the the sole of one of his feet. He is limited to doing 4 to 5 kicks in order to reduce strain on his body. (Side note: he is limited to 4-5 consecutive kicks and not just 4-5 Kicks if anyone is crazy enough to think otherwise..)

Name: Wellspring of the Wise
Description: Simply the ability to understand information a lot quicker through the use of his implants; granting him use of the additional 90% of his brain in order to comprehend almost anything. Overly extended periods of use will strain the links and cause short to long-term memory loss.

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Ravage Uchiha
Drifting Sannin
Drifting Sannin

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PostSubject: Re: Yutake Hiroki's Jutsus/Abilities   Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:10 pm

I like the range of techniques you have, approved. As long as you've made a stat sheet within the Diamond kingdom, you're more than welcome to start rping. Have fun.

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Yutake Hiroki's Jutsus/Abilities
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