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 Yuta's Arrival

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Yutake Hiroki
Genin of the New Terrace
Genin of the New Terrace
Yutake Hiroki

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Job/hobbies : Blacksmithing, alchemy, Scientific Experiments

PostSubject: Yuta's Arrival   Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:05 pm

Dear Family and friends,

By the time you read this I am already in my new home within the kingdom of diamonds. I will do my best to make you proud by becoming a respectable shinobi, scientist, and craftsman bearing the family name. If its my mother getting this note; tell the crazy doc I appreciated new implants he helped develop and equip... I believe they will come in handy as the long arduous journey plays out.

I will always have you all at heart,
Yutake Hiroki


"All finished and ready to place the seal..." Yuta noted in his quarters within the lodge. It was about time he reached his destination was what he felt in his heart as he continued fond over what he had left. I had been but an unbelevable two months since he left his village realizing that he could have took the easy road which he felt "was for rich folk and hot babes in nothing but their bathrobes" to use, but went with training off the beaten path. Not to mention the numerous bandits who's hideouts he stumbled on just because the luxurious food they stole. They looked like they were tough for sure, but Yuta proved them all wrong with the help of his "Multi-Clasp."

Once he stamped his letter he went and delivered it by messenger pigeon through the post office; seeing as he wants no one to know where his family lived it was the safest way he could think of sending. "I wonder what should be next on my agenda seeing as I'm already setup in my new abode...." what caught his eye was a poster on the wall listing numerous shops nearby. " Ah that's right! Im suppose to be looking for a new work station for my creations... Hmmmmmmm ~ seems like they buy weapons and armor back. Well at that makes things much easier on me for collecting a bit of yen on the side." Yuta began contemplating how he would find such a station only to dismiss it for the moment to go back to his room and kick back.
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Yutake Hiroki
Genin of the New Terrace
Genin of the New Terrace
Yutake Hiroki

Cool points : 0
Job/hobbies : Blacksmithing, alchemy, Scientific Experiments

PostSubject: Re: Yuta's Arrival   Tue Dec 27, 2011 10:23 pm

After a week of time during his initial stay, Yutake had been unsuccessful at getting a new place to use for his crafts. Dedicated to becoming as good as he can around the Kingdom of Diamonds, he found himself in a rather unusual spot. He searched near and far of his quarters asking townsfolk and some ninja who have roamed around for any whereabouts for a workstation only to find his search was in vain. Feeling defeated in this area of his coming he has taken on the ideal task to begin his training somewhere peaceful instead of lively as the current area.
Yuta packed quickly from his room his tursty Multi-Clasp and his ninja tools heading for an area he can find more out about his Kekkei Genkai.
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Yuta's Arrival
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