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 A requirement of all Mafia Members

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Artery Vessel
Anbu::Blood Prince of the Angeli

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Dying Will Flame: Sky/Sun Ring of the Emoto Family
Soul Count: 17

PostSubject: A requirement of all Mafia Members   Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:50 pm

Members of all the family, I need you to post your ring, and your box set. Vessel's information is what it should look like. Remeber the ranks in the family

Boss: Person holding the Sky. That's Artery Vessel.

Core Guradains: These are the people under Vessel who first got their rings, and is boss to people with the same rings. Being a Core Guardain, you have a couple of perks

-Breakthrough: A move that holds the power of your ring. For example, if you hold a Sun ring, doing a breakthrough might have your oppenent age, or hyeractivate time around him, making him/her age and die

-Two Box Sets.

Activating your Will: If your a Core Guardain, you can use the Will even if you don't have the ring on your finger. Holding the ring on your fingers ampliflies yuor power. NOTE:You still need your ring to activate your box set

Assaination Sqaud: This is a group led by Alistar Slade himself. These people are under the name Emoto family, but has their own sets of rules and and perks within the assaination squad. These people are trained to kill whoever there's a hit on. In order to be in apprve of a kill, you must talk to Alistar Slade. He'll post the Assasnation Sqaud's rules, perks and whatnot.

Subornates: These are the other people who recieves rings from either Alistar or Vessel. As a perk you can receive a box weapon that consist of primary and secondary type, or weapon and animal type. In the chain of command it would be, your Core Guardain, and then Artery Vessel.

If you wish to be part of the family or assaination sqaud, you must talk to Vessel or Alistar. After recieving your ring, you MUST post what your ring and box set can do. ALSO: There is no leaving the family. Once your in, you stay in. So if you leave, be prepare to face punishment

Happy Rp'ing,
Artery "Vessel" Emoto
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Artery Vessel
Anbu::Blood Prince of the Angeli

Cool points : 1

Dark Brand:
Dying Will Flame: Sky/Sun Ring of the Emoto Family
Soul Count: 17

PostSubject: Re: A requirement of all Mafia Members   Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:21 pm

Update to the Core Guardains Perks

Cambio Forma-A an another from of the box weapon. When your animal type feels like your power is getting weaker, it can turn into a defensive postion.

I.E: On the actucal show Tsunda's loin cambio forma's turned into a cloak that pefiryi everythingb ittouches
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A requirement of all Mafia Members
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