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 The Darkness Of A Timid Heart

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Shabuto Uchiha
The Universal Visionist: Mizukage of the Paladin
The Universal Visionist: Mizukage of the Paladin

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PostSubject: The Darkness Of A Timid Heart   Mon May 07, 2012 3:39 pm

Name- Shabuto Uchiha
-Eye color-Black
Mother- Koizume Tankzaku
Father- Shadow Uchiha

Bio- Shabuto as Born into the World a very Shy and Timid Child. Though this was True about his Chracter Shabuto was a natural Born Killer. And his blood stained path started at birth. Koizume Tanzaku was shabuto's mother a loving carring person...who Was burdened with a terrible and ancient Curse...The Black Sand...A sentient Life form from ancient times that was passed down trough her bloodline. She knew that shabuto would have to Inherit this terrible curse and so she sealed the creature inside a seal of her left brest to keep shabuto form obtain the curse...she faild. The day she went into labor with shabuto the seal ould be broken due to ho weak she became during the Pregnancy and thus the Black sand Infused itself ith Shabuto. once Born the Black sands demonic Chakra would rampage killing all who ere in the delivery room

All except his mother it seemed that even as a infant shabuto had a faint resistance against the sand and was able to protect his mother. Koizumi would reinforce the Seal using her own Life Force to strengths it. Knowing that Shabuto would eventually have to face it she though sought to prevent this as long as possible. After this happened the village began to Ostracize shabuto treating him as an outcast beating him and even plotting to kill him. Once they tried the Seal again ould be broken And the Black sand would cuase shabuto to Rampage Slaughtering all the Villagers that were near him. Though this time when his mother tried to Calm him he wasnt Able to stop the Sand and so It Impaled her through her Chest. Shabuto would snap out of the sands control to find his self holding the weapon that had impaled her. "Mother....What what happen...why are you bleeding " He would cry out Frantically. "Shabuto my Beloved...Sweet child...i do not have long in thin listen to me Carefully" She would lean her Body against his as she softly Whispered into his ears. With that she used her reaming life force to seal the last lock on the Seal which as on shabutos chest next to his heart.

"Hearing her dra her last Breathe sen Shabuto into an emotional rampage thus the strain of all this Caused his Sharingan to burst forth. He would then Remembered the words of his mother." Go to you room dear and get that sword i gave you....With you new eyes Read the Scroll attached...then embark on your Quest my love....your quest for Sanity. Shabuto would take the scarf that his mother always wore and wrapped around his neck as a Memento of her. He then hurried to his room where he got the sword. His Eyes Gleaming with the Light of His azure sharingan he would open the scroll and proceeded to read its inscription.

"To my Child who bares my Bloodline..Flesh of my Flesh..Carrier of my Life and are cursed and now walk a path Coated with blood and sorrow...But do not cry... For you are not alone...go to the world of Mylania...there you will me those of your blood who will help you control the Darkness inside you..there you will claim your well as the family you have longed for...your Father....Shadow Uchiha" With that Shabuto would take the long slender Blade and name it "Sorrow" Because of the Pain associated with the blade. He then Left after burying his mother embarking on his Journey for Sanity.

Though My Heart My Appear Weak...It shall Not fall Prey to the Darkness

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Shadow Uchiha
The Dark King of Elysium
The Dark King of Elysium

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PostSubject: Re: The Darkness Of A Timid Heart   Mon May 07, 2012 5:07 pm

Very Very Nice. Approved.

...Tell Me...What Do You See..?

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The Darkness Of A Timid Heart
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