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 Vengeance from the past

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PostSubject: Vengeance from the past   Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:12 pm

In the distance on starry night if one looks to the north past the north star you will see dark ness a small patch of it. There is the remains of planet b125 a planet ruled by high tech beings and all powerful gods. The god of beasts and warfare darkryi was killed over 6 million years ago by the ruler Kidd. This god is not ordinary it isn't a human form it is a beast for an appex predator.

A long snout filled it 2,000 sharper than promethean steal teeth 4 eyes for extra sense and two snouts for dark nights, the rock of the old world embedded in its body strong front legs with claws that can rip holes in the fabric of space and strong powerful hind legs with the ability to walk up right. Two tails for better flight ability, and on the end of each two long obsidian like spikes used for cutting.

Darkryi is a feared warrior and predator not to be toyed with.
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The Dark King of Elysium

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PostSubject: Re: Vengeance from the past   Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:16 am


...Tell Me...What Do You See..?

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Vengeance from the past
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