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 Adam Atomsk justu's

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Adam Atomsk
Genin of the Angeli
Genin of the Angeli

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PostSubject: Adam Atomsk justu's   Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:46 pm

Chakra Natures:Sound and metal

Kekkei Genkai:The power of Magnetism.He can use his mind to do the moving of metal but allows him to use a special gutair to amp up the power to use all the basic magnetism better and his music to be able to change magnetism waves.He can do it to himself or others as well as tell where they are using the waves.He can also sense vibrations in the air, and guess attacks based on the oppenents feeling and waves as well as tell when someone is scared,lieing,etc.

The Power of Atomsk:The legend of the pirate King,that states that only a few can wield his power.The abilities increase his strength,speed,and power with a gutair.It will get stronger along as his powers increase,mabye one day becoming the Pirate King himself.

Sound Manipulation:The power to use sound

Metal Manipulation:The power to use metal

Metal Release:Iron wall: A sheild that protects him

Metal Release:Metal box:It summons out a box of all metal

Metal Release:Metal clone:It summons clones made of metal and takes alot to destroy one.

Metal Release:Metal Quicksand:It makes the metal change form in the ground, as it turns into a metal liquid stopping people in their tracks

Sound Release:Sonic Boom:It shoots out a fast sonic wave that hits the body and hurts it all.

Sound Release:High pitch:Makes a high pitch sound hurt the oppenent by messing with there head and ears.

Sound Release:Angel voice:Causes people to fall for a sleeping trances

Kekkei Genkai Justu's

Magnetism pull:Causes metal to come at him and move to his will

Magnetism Bend:Causes metal to bend into new things

Dance of Knifes:Makes the Knife dance in mid-air as if there were strings

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Angel Of Death::Yumiekage of the Darkness
Angel Of Death::Yumiekage of the Darkness

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PostSubject: Re: Adam Atomsk justu's   Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:17 pm

Not broken for a genin. I approve
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Adam Atomsk justu's
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