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 Forging of Elements: Part One

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Ken A
Elysian Anbu
Elysian Anbu

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PostSubject: Forging of Elements: Part One   Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:56 pm

Ken would be leaning over a scientific desk with test tubes, vials, beakers on burners, and spinning vials with strange black glowing liquid in them. Sweat would bead down his crinkled brow as Ken smacked his desk with his hand. Rage would fill his heart as he looked over his shoulder. To his left about ten feet away, was a 20x20 blackboard with complex algorithms and formulas on every inch of the board. White chalk smudges would be all over Ken's right sleeve and on the areas he needed to erase on the blackboard.

-No, no..That's not right..-

Ken would walk over to the blackened vials and press a flashing green light, then the machine would stop spinning. Plucking two vials from the container on the machine, Ken would study them with stony, emotionless eyes. Walking back to the desk he was at a moment ago, Ken would open both vials with the flick of his thumbs. A thick, black, inky-like aura would seep out of the vials. The aura would look like ink sinking in water, slow and murky in the dim-lighted room.

-This will have to suffice untill I create the stable form of my new flame..-

Ken would pour both of the vials into a molten hot steel container. His centerpiece would be ready in a matter of hours. The black ink-like aura would seem to be sucked into the molten container as well. He would place the empty vials onto the desk and cross his arms. Waiting.
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Ken A
Elysian Anbu
Elysian Anbu

Cool points : 2
Job/hobbies : The Great Tactician

Dark Brand: Unobtained
Dying Will Flame: Azusa's Wrath
Soul Count: 27

PostSubject: Re: Forging of Elements: Part One   Tue Jun 11, 2013 12:08 pm

-Time Skip- (12 hours later)

Ken would walk up to his lab table with the same stony expression as before. Flicking the now cool metal container with his right hand, the metal box would open, revealing a jet black crystal-like substance. It was more dense than diamonds, and it radiated mass amounts of constant energy. He would take the crystal and throw it at a nearby wall.


As Ken threw his gem, a large Plaquespitter would materialize from the darkness and catch it with ease. Then, it would place the gem onto a ring already lined with Chakra amplifying Meteor Shards. After placing the gem, the Plaquespitter would clench the ring in it's hand. Incredible heat would radiate from the creature. Sealing the gem in place.

-Bring it to me.-

The creature would walk over to Ken and kneel before him, holding out the ring. It was orange, due to the heat, but Ken didn't care. The ring would begin to levitate from the creature's hand and into a small beaker with Pure Leech inside of it. Within Seconds, the Leech would grasp onto the ring, and then merge with it. In a minutes time, the beaker was empty, leaving Ken's New Ring alone in the beaker. It was cool now.

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Forging of Elements: Part One
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