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PostSubject: Redone   Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:22 pm

After Shinoks defeat Darkryi would've assumed power in the universe with only the destruction of the dovah on his mind he would set out to kill none other than vengeance. His new list of powers would be as follows.

He has the ability to summon things from his home world and bring them into this world. ie he can reach into thin air and draw things from his world and bring them there. He has lightning and fire bending meaning he can control lightning's property's he can't summon it but he can use it if storms are around and he can create powerful storms. The fire bending means he can summon fire and use it at his will and fire will never harm him only heal him.

With the bloodline of the gods in him he can summon his own kind into the universe and use them as distractions and being full god he can open portals to and fro other places in the heavens or netherrealm.
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