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 The Doctor's procedure

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Kimono Liche
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PostSubject: The Doctor's procedure   Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:24 pm

Name: Kimono Liche

Age: 30

Chakra natures: N/A

Keikki genkai: cellular manipulation: kimono is able to control the placement of his organs and chakra points. He can also control his size, shape, appearance, and stretch his body in any way possible.


Chakra scalpel: Kimono can make any limb on his body a scalpel including his fingers these scalpels are very sharp and can cut through flash and organs much easier that swords and most blades. The scalpels are also bigger than Kimono's limbs they are a solidified chakra blade that extend a good 3inches from Kimono's limbs. These scalpels also drain chakura and life and can heal Kimono of ailments and loss in chakra.

Substitution jutsu: the user replaces his body with a nea by object and trades places with it.

Copy cat: Kimono with his keikki genkai can make his voice, appearance, and attitude.

Chakura shot: Kimono can send a blast of chakra out and repulse the enemy.

Chakra stitches: Kimono can reattach any limbs that get cut off.

Chemical control: Kimono can change the chemical compound of his body by releasing certain hormones. This would make him impervious to pain. Have immense bursts for strength, speed and energy. Kimono can never get tired because he can make his body release hormones that would give him more energy and stamina.

Mind fuck: kimono would place his hand on the opponents head and would alter the compound of the foe's brain making them a vegitable. (Only if hand contact is constant for 3 seconds.)

Medical ninjutsu:

Orb of the healer: Kimono makes his own medicine that is very potent and quick acting. This orb is a small pill, that he can take himself or give to an ally, that makes the body's normal healing factor increase 10 fold and can be taken without notice and will make it look like the user is not being affected by the opponents attacks.

Healing hands: Kimono places his hands on a patient and can heal cuts, burns, scars, broken bones, and organs. But this technique takes a while to work.
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The Doctor's procedure
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