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 The Lightning Ascension

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Sevyn Tyn
The Lightning Shadow :: Raikage

Cool points : 2
Job/hobbies : Crafting weapons

PostSubject: The Lightning Ascension   Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:55 pm

Kekkei genkai- The Lightning Ascension
|_ This KG is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Upon activation, Sevyn's eyes shift from his normal silver eye color to sky blue. When this KG is activated, Sevyn can tap into lightning in it's purest forms. There are three forms/Shifts which come with this Kekkei Genkai.

The blessing of this KG is the side of The Heavenly Ascension. If it is achieved, the Tyn are believed to be able to supress the process of the Ascension drastically. Once suppressed, Sevyn can further himself in life without the sudden thirst for destruction and chaos. So, the idea for the Tyn clan is not only to keep them from losing their sanity, but, also to keep insanity from ever becoming dominant in the first place.

The curse of this Kekkei Genkai is a double-ended blade. Double-ended, meaning, there's practically no way he can survive a healthy, and happy life by using his KG. The Lightning Ascension is Seductive in every meaning of the word. Everytime a member of the clan uses the power of this KG, he wants to use it over and over again. Using this power tears away at the sanity inside of Sevyn's mind, driving him to doing things for practically no reason at all.

If he dies, he will reach a further point of conciousness, then, he will have judgement day. Granted by the Lightning Angel and The Lightning Demon. _|

[Unlocked] 1st Shift: The Mortal Ascension
|_ This is triggered when a member of the Tyn clan kills someone. This Shift gives Sevyn a small speed boost. It also gives Sevyn's weapon's a transformation.

Lightning powers: In this state, Sevyn's Lightning is Sky Blue. The piercing power of the lightning is greater and more stronger than regular lightning. _|

- They fire lightning bullets instead of the normal bullets.
- The lightning bullets have numbing properties.
- The bullets have increased piercing damage.

- The katana's length increases by 4 inches.
- The katana acquires tiny, sharp ridges which increase cutting power. Each slash on the opponent gives a numbing effect which gets worse as time passes.
- The katana's blade takes a reverse-styled look.

- The shuriken take on more of a jet-black, sharper look.
- The size decreases in diameter by 3 centimeters.
- They acquire a sky-blue aura which, if draws blood, produces a small, but slowly growing paralyzation.

[Locked] 2nd Shift: The Heavenly Ascension AKA Heavenly Shock Ascension
|_ This shift utilizes the light and lightning release chakra natures. They combine for a white hot lightning which have the capabilities of blinding those who's eyes are not up to snuff. There is a second part to this shift though.

The second part of this shift is the purification/disruption property. It is said that this lightning has the ability to be able to cleanse/kill all that is of the demonic arts, so to speak. It is also said that the lightning is able to disrupt chakra inside of one's tenkutsu(chakra points). _|

[Locked] 3rd Shift: The Demonic Ascension AKA Demonic Shock Ascension
|_ This shift has fatal effects which can be put into the ninja history books as forbidden. (Yeah, it's that bad.) When this shift is awakened, seven demonic markings are burned into his bones. These markings open up new chakra gateways which are awakened upon a curse recognition.

Curse recognitions are similar to Sevyn's shifts, but, they run more toward the definition of restrictions. _|

C-R #1: The Black Blood Release
|_|_ This release is the first Curse Recognition. When this marking is burned into Sevyn's leg, black lightning streams around his body for a few seconds before disappearing into nothingness. In those few seconds, Sevyn's blood would have made a sudden, huge change. The Demonic chakra which is awakened inside of Sevyn makes a bond with his blood, giving it lightning-like abilities. What he is able to do with his blood is quite extraordinary. He is able to solidify it, making weapons of sorts. The weapon's can be modified in sharpness and density without so much as thinking about it. It has a critical amount of shock power which could paralyze the Nine Tails Fox if it wasn't careful. _|_|

C-R #2: The Demonic Eye Release
|_|_ This is the second Curse Recognition. The Demonic Eye AKA The Eye of Deception. This marking is burned into the back of Sevyn's skull. Black lightning streams weakly around Sevyn's eyes. Once this is done, Sevyn's eyes take on a cat-like form and the color changes to pitch-black. From the moment of change, Sevyn can create demonic illusions which can be hard to perceive as "The Real Thing" so to speak. Meaning, it could be hard to determine whether what the opponent sees will be real. _|_|

C-R #3: The Devil's Dance Release
|_|_ This is the third Curse Recognition. This marking is burned into the bones on the back of Sevyn's hands. Once that has been done, black lightning strikes his hands, lightning them up with a the deadly demonic lightning chakra. With this, Sevyn is able to make a summon. Once preparations have been made, Sevyn makes a summoning jutsu. Black lightning strikes the ground in seven different locations around Sevyn. Once the lightning touches down, coffin's are created almost instantaneously. Inside of these coffins are Demons with several different skill sets. _|_|

Demon #1- Demon Mya: The "Kissing" Demon
|_ Mya, The Kissing Demon, is a teenage vision who knows just the right buttons to press on people. She tries to intimidate people, knowing that her squeaky voice will just eg them on even more. Her strategy in combat is getting her opponent close enough to her, or vice versa. When that is done, she can play around with the "Kiss" factor. _|

Demon #2- Demon Zachariah: The "Locator" Demon
|_ Zachariah, The Locater Demon, is someone who loves the thrill of "The Chase". Locating people, or things is what he does. He has a mischievous voice which can throw people off. _|

Demon #3- Demon Marcus: The "Brawn" Demon
|_ Marcus, The Brawn Demon, is one who'se strength gradually elevates every time he uses a muscle. His strength has never been out-matched because it continues to grow in a short amount of time. His personality is the exact opposite of his fearful appearance. Marcus's personality is bubbly, in every meaning of the word. He loves to hug people, yeah, weird. _|

Demon #4- Demon Lilith: The "White-Light Dancer" Demon
|_ Lilith, The White-Light Dancer, is a flashy type of girl... Literally. She has the ability to manipulate light. Whether it be increasing the temperature in the area using sun/light rays, or converting the chakra into physical form for attacks and blocks. She likes to watch her foes burn in the light;sadistic, I know. _|

Demon #5- Demon Sam: The "Psychic" Demon
|_ Sam, The Psionic Demon, is Lucifer's right hand man. One who Lucifer has shared most of his techniques with, though, Sam has created his own set list which proves to be deadly in its own right. Sam has the ability to hear thoughts. Some say its a curse, but, Sam takes it as a blessing in disguise. That isn't the only thing that comes with his power though. He is able to force his thoughts into someone else's mind, baiting them. After training with Lucifer, Sam has created his own Dark Release. The property of this said release is "Solidification". Sam's dark chakra has capabilities of becoming solid at will. When used the chakra is a velvety purple. _|

Demon #6- Demon Persephone: The "Sexy" Demon
|_ Persephone, The Sexy Demon, is one who is in love with the thought of LOVE. So in love, she named her skill set after it. The "Sexy" property falls along the lines of attraction and influence. Two very powerful skill sets to have in your arsenal. When Persephone is summoned, she spreads her irresistible feramones into the air. The alluring smell causes those around her to succumb to falling in love with her. Think of it as a genjutsu. _|

Demon #7- Demon Lucifer: The "King of the underworld" Demon
|_ Lucifer, The King of The Underworld, is a scary guy. His power is kind of the scary part. He can manipulate darkness and shadows. What better way to beat someone than when they can't see you? You ever heard of the term, "What you can't see, probably can't and won't hurt you."? Well, Lucifer spits on that term without question. We all know that there are plenty of ways the darkness can be implemented in battle. Lucifer's darkness property consists of "The Leaching Effect". The Leaching Effect is one that saps chakra the more someone move on solid ground within the shadows. As long as someone can stay above solid ground, they won't be affected. _|

C-R #4: The Black Symbol Release
|_|_ This is the fourth Curse Recognition. This marking is burned into the left ear of Sevyn. This curse recognition is one that can be aligned with sound ninjutsu. Lightning pulses lightly around, crowding the area in a continuous, slow paced musical theme. Several black magnets are emitted from Sevyn. These magnets seem to be able to produce black sound frequencies which are used on a physical plane. It is used to deflect/block solid objects using magnetic/lightning frequencies. The sound comes from the magnetic/lightning frequencies being manipulated. The power of the magnets in this state are said to produce mountain shaking force. _|_|

C-R #5: The Masochist Symphony Release
|_|_ This is the fifth Curse Recognition. This marking is burned into the right ear of Sevyn. This is sort of a bump up from The Black Symphony Release. The power in this Curse Recognition is a great deal stronger. Sevyn must use magnets made from a stronger material than just an ordinary magnet. An ordinary magnet will melt in a matter of seconds trying to store all of the lightning used in this release. Continuous, potent volts of lightning seem to linger inside of the area, reducing living organisms to ash. With each lightning bolt, notes are carried out, sounding throughout the area. The black sound frequencies can be produced as well, though, they have a major increase in loudness and power. _|_|

C-R #6: The Bound Soul Release
|_|_ This is the sixth Curse Recognition. This marking is burned into the rib of Sevyn. Sevyn's body takes on a transformation, one which could bring a god to his knees. Grey Lightning chakra blasts from the core of his heart, transforming his body. It gives him a translucent type of look. From the moment that this transformation is made, Sevyn becomes the Embodiment of Lightning. His speed is monstrous in this state. Alike, the sudden rush of his chakra intake is far from invisible. You could say that it would be hard to miss even if you weren't looking for it. Sevyn has a few mind-blowing techniques for this release. These mind blowing techniques are forbidden techniques. They shouldn't be used. If they are, they will effect Sevyn's heart, decreasing his lifespan. _|_|

The Lightning Leopard's Trigger:
|_ The Lightning Leopard's Trigger is one of the three forbidden techniques of Sevyn Tyn. This technique is one that gives Sevyn an intimidating combination of lightning orbs to manipulate which are in the form of triggers. These triggers have the ability to store heat which is then used to create more and more triggers just like the others. The speed at which these triggers can be produced is uncountable, that is to say that there is an ever-growing amount of heat in, or coming into the area.

These triggers are used in a repetitive-like fashion, pumping out thousands upon thousands of volts of pure, yellow lightning voltage. Now, some black volts of lightning may occur, hence the name Lightning Leopard Trigger. Though there aren't many, the black volts cause death-harboring damage.

It is said that Sevyn himself takes on Leopard-like traits in this release. No one knows for sure though. _|

The Dominant Dragon's Shock:
|_ The Dominant Dragon's Shock is one of the three forbidden techniques of Sevyn Tyn. Millions of red, electrical shocks present themselves around Sevyn before he kneels to the ground in a fetal position. The luminescent pulses around him continue to glimmer as Sevyn's appearance changes. He acquires red scales which appear to be of Dragonic familiarity. His hands become crimson claws with an omnipresent, deep crimson glow.

In this form, Sevyn's feet stay planted to the ground like a tree stump. No traversing is needed, and that's the deadly thing. The more he stays still, he invites the opponent to come forth. But come forth into what, you say~?

Well, around Sevyn, dozens of electric fields harbor around him. They serve as some sort of 'The Closer You Get, The More You Experience Shock Therapy' strategy. One shock can reduce an elephant to ashes within seconds. _|

The Spark Wolf's Breaker:
|_ The Spark Wolf's Breaker is one of the three forbidden techniques of Sevyn Tyn. _|

C-R #7: The Demonic Ascension Release- This is the Seventh Curse Recognition.

(This list is not yet completed.)
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The Lightning Ascension
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