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 Tasha Mamaru

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Tasha Mamaru
:The Crystal Sage::Sannin of the Diamond
:The Crystal Sage::Sannin of the Diamond

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PostSubject: Tasha Mamaru   Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:32 pm

~General Information~

Name:Tasha Mamaru

Nickname/Alias:Crystal Sage



Weight:105 lbs.



Clothing:see pic

Personality:She always seems to be serious,but she does have her playful side.

Catch Phrase:Hmh

~Rank/Village Information~



Letter Rank:S

Kekei Genkai:Kyotogan

~Skill Information~

Element Specialty:Crystal Release

Skill Specialty:Ninjutsu

~History/Rp Sample~

Genin Arc:
She was the smallest in the group standing at 3'11 at age 12 and had no signs of maturity,she was know as the weakling Mamaru pet back then,but she trained hard under the teachings of her brother,Unlocking the Heaven stage of the Kyotogan.

Chuunin Arc:
Shortly after completing the academy and becoming a gennin she took the chunnin exams and past with flying colors,her Kyotogan when to the Twilight level in the first round,That's when she was know by all as 'The Crystal Master' because she was assumed to be just like her older brother Kai Niyame,infact they said she was an exact copy of him,her movements matched his from when he competed said the Koutokage,but that is because she said that she was going to be one of the best in the clan.

Sp.Jounin Arc:
Becoming a Sp.Jounin was rather difficult for Tasha seeing as how under trained she was.She failed the exams twice before finally passing and becoming a Sp.Jounin,she had only grown a few inches now she is 4'5 and she finally starts to show Maturity both psychically and mentally at the age of 14,she started to act out more and more,despising her clan and breaking a few minorities of the clan,but they paid her no mind saying she was just attention hungry and didn't know any better...she then when and dyed her hair white and they only called her an snow emo ninja,but the hair dye was for some thing special..for she had become an Anbu Black op.

Anbu Arc:
She had become an Anbu out of compete skill,little did her clan and peers know all the A-Rank and B-Rank missions she had gone on were test by the Hoikage,as she also secretly trained as a n she uses her Kyotogan damage chakra flows,organs,and limbs,she was know thought out the lands a "Crystal Killer" of the Diamond Village.At age 16 she finally had ditched her boyish figure and started to look more like a young woman,her hair grew like wheat,her body matured rapidly,she was even mistaken for a adult woman at one point in her life,but as an Anbu she helped bring in a large amount of criminals and completed several escort missions as well..but during one mission a dear friend and teammate died trying to save her,she tried to save him but she had to save herself because the cave they were in began to collapse,his last words were "Never give up on your Dream Tasha."as she ran out of the cave.Shortly after that she stepped down as an Anbu med and became a jounin at age 19,she made what Lei told her,her nindou,and that is to never give up on your dreams.......

Jounin Arc:
Being a jounin was very easy for her seeing as how she came from being a Anbu she took the life very simple and non-complex...she often has bad dreams and daydreams about the day in the cave,she is often late for most of her meetings because she spends most of her time at the memorial where Leis' name is engraved and loose track of time..Since becoming a Jounin she has became distance and odd killing all her enemies and completing missions like nothing had change.Tasha,Yuki, and Ryukino soon got the title of Sannin from the 4th Koutokage,their sensei and when he died she left.

Now:Noone knows where she is but Ryukino and Yuki Tasha has beenlocked away in her lab as she studies her jutsu and power making herself stronger with eac passing second.

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Tasha Mamaru
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