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 Out of the Castle

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Marcelle Saevio
Espionage (Genin) Shinobi : Dominacion Mortelle
Espionage (Genin) Shinobi : Dominacion Mortelle
Marcelle Saevio

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PostSubject: Out of the Castle   Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:56 pm

Marcelle "Bloody Rose" Saevio

Age: 17
Sex: Female
Nickname/Alias: Bunny-chan (to close friends)/Bloody Rose (preferred name)
Personality: Two-faced, seductive, cunning, sadistic, masochistic and merciless. Deep down a caring and loving person to those who she trusts completely.

Marcelle was born to a rich and lavish family who ruled over a kingdom. Through shady dealings with demons and other foul creatures, the family that Marcelle came into had everything a powerful family could ever want. Money, escorts, power, influence. With assets like that, they'd expect to have a daughter whose true potential lied within her ability to lead through any means necessary... Unfortunately, they gave birth to Marcelle...

As a child, their father saw the lack of overall growth and potential with her powers. To strengthen her further, her father took her to an offering table and offered the young girl's mind, body and soul to a Jorogumo by the name of, Sangre, who could grant Marcy with an unbelievable amount of strength. Of course, this was all done behind the mother's back who wanted the best out of their child's growth, no matter the defects.

Years later, Marcelle still showed signs of growing slowly. She was smart, but mostly kept to herself. Instead of showing that hint of ruthlessness to her subjects, she treated them kindly and often did strenuous activities on her own. Her father disliked this personality in her child's growth and wondered if the demon had overall forsaken the now demonic child. What he didn't know, however, was that Marcy was behind several odd happenings around the castle grounds.

Animals often turned up dead. Dismembered, pinned to the walls, hung like Christmas lights around the tress, all of these attributed to the young girl's lust for blood. As she grew older, Marcelle soon found herself preying upon the men and women of the castle itself...

Marcy never left behind traces of her work until one day her mother caught her feasting like a violent animal upon the body soldier, who turned up missing a few days before. Her mother was quick to berate and restrain her, much to the chagrin of the young girl. Marcelle's mother demanded how and why she did this, with the young girl responding in a very foreboding tone.

"A voice in my head told me to do it. My blood oozed from every pore in my arm and I felt the hunger to murder and devour. Ever since childhood, all I did was hunt and kill... Now I kill and devour..."

Immediately, the mother knew who was responsible for this. Brought into the room where the interrogation was occurring, her father was actually surprised to hear about the murders and other horrors that were revealed by her daughter. Finally, he felt proud of her. He had an heir that can rule with an iron fist. Marcelle's mother was deeply horrified, eventually figuring out the ritual done to Marcy that gave her the infernal powers.

Enraged, she confronted her husband once more about it one night. On this night Marcelle had come back from reading in the rose garden, it started to rain. While walking down the wing and passing by her parents room, she heard the eerie sound of a bludgeoning sound. Peeking into the dimly lit room, Marcelle found a horror unlike one she'd never believe possible. Blood and entrails were scattered everywhere. Her mother's disemboweled corpse was on the bed. Her father was among it, having become some sort of crazed beast... He found her. Bringing her into the room, he slammed her back and forth, yelling at how everything was her fault. Had she been a lot cleaner and less stupid in her approach on the murders. The small amount of happiness he had given her, was now taken away, along with the mother who she loved dearly... She snapped.

Her neck was in the grasp of her father and he was planning to silence her as well. On the brink of death, Marcelle activated an incredible amount of power as a survival instinct. She brought lightning through the roof, striking her father. This freed her from his grasp and in the same instance, her demonic form took over. She became a greater beast, ripping him to shreds devouring his very existence. Guards heard the struggle and came in to investigate, only to be killed by the now wild Marcelle. That night, it rained blood. She went through the entire interior, killing everything and everyone in the castle. She devoured them whole in order to satisfy her seemingly limitless hunger for flesh and blood... Within ours, there was only the sounds of dripping blood and crying...

Marcelle was in the throne room of the castle, sitting on the throne surrounded by hollowed bodies. She sat there wide-eyed and crying uncontrollably. On the walls were hastily scrawled messages. From the looks of it, she overcame the evil influence of the demon, but it was a mind breaking battle... Leaving her quite broken and crying all by her lonesome self, holding a dripping red rose in her mouth.

When suddenly, a lone person came into the room. She walked down the hall, seemingly interested by the spectacle left about. Her crimson red eyes set on the girl sitting alone. She warned that people were coming to finish her off and that she needed to escape now. This person offered her a chance to start over, to become someone different. Marcelle, agreed, though not in the way how one normally would. She attacked this person, only to be defeated and taken by the young woman. Before succumbing to unconsciousness, she heard the name of her "savior." Vermillion.

Coming to, Marcelle was in the region of New Terrace. She was told that there were others who she saved and that she was to eventually meet them. This was her shot at becoming someone new, someone different. Vermillion dubbed her, "Bloody Rose," and decreed that she should change her surname. The young girl agreed, speaking the Latin words of, "Saevio."
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Out of the Castle
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