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 Bloody Infection

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Marcelle Saevio
Espionage (Genin) Shinobi : Dominacion Mortelle
Espionage (Genin) Shinobi : Dominacion Mortelle

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PostSubject: Bloody Infection   Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:39 pm

Blood Manipulation

An ability that was granted to Marcelle through an occult dealing. She is able to manipulate her blood into many shapes and sizes and even use it in its liquid form, but as she is, she is quite limited in what she can do. To improvise, she can use her blood to form large fangs over her mouth to slice and chew through most materials with ease. This blood is also unique in the fact that it can filter out pollution or other poisons in the air. Her blood can also resist poisons injected to her through the blood stream.

Bloody Infection

An interesting ability that allows Marcelle to quite literally change the composition of water into her blood. Just not limited to that, Marcy can use this ability to infect someone with her blood and cause a unique poison of her own. This poison affects their muscles and pain receptors. The infection will cause every sort of muscle movement to flare up in pain, due to the heightened receiving of pain in the person's body. As of right now, the infection is only limited to one limb at a time.


Scarlet is a crow that is created as a familiar from Marcelle's blood. This being is tied to Marcelle's psyche and serves as a barrier to her mind. Scarlet is like a little fighting companion. She can change her size to triple of her normal, making her quite a large bird. Her beak can separate into four blade like appendages that are used to bisect opponents with ease. Her talons, when in her larges form, is able to work much like the sharpened beak themselves. Lastly, Scarlet can use a hypersonic wail that is capable of disorienting opponents who are exposed to it for long periods of time. Scarlet is interesting in the case that if she is killed, Marcy can willingly regurgitate a chick of her companion.
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Bloody Infection
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