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 Dente's Time Has Come!

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Dente Wolfheart

Dente Wolfheart

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PostSubject: Dente's Time Has Come!   Sat Mar 08, 2014 8:35 pm

Name: Dente Wolfheart
Title: The Unbridled Fist
Height: 6'3”
Weight: 240 lbs
Eye Color: Heterochroma- Yellow and green
Hair Color: Jet black
Personality: Stand-offish, likes to avoid conversations or people. Defends honor and friends when he needs to. Punch first, ask questions later sort of person.

Dente was born in a forest off in a distant land. This land was Kilimagroth and it housed the Wolfheart clan of Werewolves. There, Dente had the ideal sense of living. A loving mother, father and grandmother. They lived in the community that was set up by his grandparents hundreds of years before. It was there that Dente studied the history of clan's upbringing, as well as their unique martial arts. The Wolfheart Style of fighting incorporated the use of savage, yet controlled claw-strikes and mixing in many unique attacks with the use of his wolf parts. The boy worked hard, bled and sweated just to work on perfecting his brutal techniques.

Despite this ideal life, Dente was very troubled. He couldn't relate to the other children or villagers and was a very violent and brash person. With him being as upfront and cynical as he were, he often got into fights or was avoided completely. The boy was taught to always be honest, even if the truth were to hurt people. He lived with the philosophy that a lie hurts deeper than any truth. However, this philosophy worked both ways, as people sincerely told Dente what they thought of him. An angry, plain and rough person, who's only worth was the fact he was the child of the clan elder.

The sort of things said to Dente out of spite and not out of truth or straightforwardness, caused the young boy to completely shun his own society. The only solace he ever felt was with the company of his family. His grandmother and mother were as especially comforting. His father was around, but only to either train or to tech Dente the ways of meditation and life. The man was always out on his own missions, doing his own thing and being as free as the wind. Dente saw his father often, but not as often as his grandmother or mother.

When it was time for Dente to come of age, he was tasked with an interesting test. A soul search for what he really wanted out of life. His mother wanted a test of strength, but both his grandmother and father wanted something a little more involved. A way for Dente to fully immerse himself in nature and even more, in population, as he needed to work on his people skills desperately. Armed with weapons, his raw werewolf strength and a nice collection of magic he learned, Dente left from his village. Though few people showed to actually see him off, those that did wished him the best and with that, the young man went off on his first adventure into the land of Mylania.
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Dente's Time Has Come!
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