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 Unbridled Transformation

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Dente Wolfheart


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PostSubject: Unbridled Transformation   Sat Mar 08, 2014 9:09 pm

Earth Manipulation

Dente practiced under the art of Earth Manipulation. Below are a few passive and offensive abilities he has learned through his training at home.

Solid Ground, Sturdy Oak (Passive): Dente has gained a 25% resistance to physical and magical attacks. The energy of the earth flows through is veins, granting his body heightened resistance to all sorts of attacks. This power is limited thanks to his gauntlets and can more than likely continue to develop as he grows.

Howling Fists! (Offensive): Dente charges chakra into his fists and each attack that is followed up afterwards, brings in a large earthen fist that aims to slam into the opponent for an even stronger punch. There is a kick version of this move, that works exactly the same way, but with kicks instead (duh lol).

Overwhelming Might (Toggled): Dente can manipulate another person's earth attacks or take it over completely, by slowly dominating their control over any earth they're using and use it against them. At this point, it would be impossible for the opponent to regain control and they'd have to recreate the attack if this were to happen (This can also be the same for someone trying to manipulate an earthen attack created from Dente as well). This ability is also tied in with his mastery, meaning that anyone who can surely resist this attempt, has the power to do so. Along with the slow progress of the taken over an opponent can tall what Dente may be attempting to do.

Bestial Transformation

Werewolf Form: Dente's kekkei genkai of transformation into a black wolf grants him a hefty boost in speed, strength and endurance, at the cost of becoming rather weak if having to be used in repetition. In this state, all of his offensive moves strike twice. An example of this would be Howling Fists! earth fist punching a person quickly, twice. At the same time, his own strength is boosted, allowing him to carry up to several tons without any trouble. In addition, he is granted claws that have the cutting edge able to sheer through most hardened materials, such as steel. There is yet a significant draw. Staying in this from for too long will cause him to eventually lose most, if not all his strength. After that, staying out of it and recuperating is suggested.

Mighty Voice: When in his werewolf form, Dente can build up a large amount of air to expel and use as a large shock wave that stretches up to 75 feet. This shock wave can send opponents reeling and flying all over the place. It also has properties that allow it to repel magic if used correctly and those usually standing at the epicenter of it, risk taking a large amount of damage as well as being sent sprawling.

Almighty Stomp: Dente jumps high into the air and slams down upon it with his feet, using a mighty force that destroys the earth up to 150 feet. This causes pikes of earth to fly out and attempt to stab surrounding opponents. The pikes have a limited range of 20 feet, but spread throughout the entirety of the stomps radius.
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Unbridled Transformation
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