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 Techniques, Turbo Style!

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PostSubject: Techniques, Turbo Style!   Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:46 am

Wind Style Techniques!

Cutting Edge: Turbo can accumulate wind chakra to his arms, daggers or legs. After doing so, Turbo can unleash a flurry of wind slashes towards the opponent. Up to four can be used at any one time. They fly at the opponent with a quick bust of speed and have light enemy tracking (meaning the slashes will follow them for a bit before disappearing). These slices are powerful enough slash through a boulder with a little bit of work.

Virulent Funnels: Turbo will gather wind chakra to his arms and once he does, he will swipe his daggers across the ground and create a pair of tornadoes. These tornadoes will move in an arcing motion opposite of each other. They'll attempt to slam into the sides of the opponent and, if they succeed in this attempt, will begin to shred the opponent in their violent winds. The person caught will be slashed throughout the tornadoes before being slammed into the ground right after the assault. These tornadoes travel quickly and have mild tracking (if they fail to slam into the opponent's sides, they will split apart once more and seek out the opponent for one more run before disappearing).

Infusion: Turbo will create a vortex of wind around his own being. This vortex has the strength to pull in opponents against their will (heavier or better balanced opponents can prevent this) and open themselves up for Turbo's combos. This vortex also works defensively by gathering any small-to-medium projectiles launched at him and either sending them in an arbitrary direction or right back towards the opponent.

Water Style Techniques!

Water Bullets: Turbo can create up to six small sized water balls. He can create these out of any moisture in the air or from any water source. Once he sets them up, he alters their density and pacts them tighter, so that when he launches the speedy bullets, they strike hard enough to break bone.

Water Dragon: A high level technique that Turbo doesn't perform often. After channeling enough water chakra and gaining a large water source, Turbo can perform the water dragon technique. It is a large dragon that aims to devour the opponent whole. Quite literally, it has the depth of an ocean and aims to crush and drown an opponent if they are swallowed by the large water creature.

Ice Style Techniques!

Ice Lance: Turbo creates a semi-circle of large ice lances (up to six) around him. With the swipe of his hand he releases all the projectiles with a stunning amount of speed. These have no tracking and can quite easily pierce through armor. Turbo can even fuse all six together to form a larger lance to use as either a weapon or an even stronger projectile.

Ice Prison: Turbo infuses his daggers with ice and slams them into the ground. This will cause a large shock wave ranging up to 50 feet in radius, spreads out and aims to stab the opponent with an ocean barrage of icicles. These icicles are unique in the fact that if an opponent is pricked by these icicles or any sort of water is touched by this attack, they will undergo a state of freezing over. As of right now, Turbo can only freeze up to two limbs with this attack (per opponent hit if multiple opponents are hit/present) and depending on the size of the water (puddles are frozen over immediately, lake-sized bodies are frozen over within three posts and if it were possible at his rank, entire ocean bodies would be frozen over in 6 posts) become frozen.
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Techniques, Turbo Style!
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