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 The Walking Dead's Abilitis

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Cancer Uirusu
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PostSubject: The Walking Dead's Abilitis   Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:44 pm

The Uirusu clan has the ability to control everything that makes the human body sick.

Baterical Armor: Cancer can bring sickness on his skin, and use it as a armor. When the oppenents hits his body, the sickness slowly enters his system, destroying him from the inside.

Body Bind: Cancer has all types of parasites in his body. They allow him to spit out many on his oppenent. If any hit and gets inside, the parasites take control of the body, following Cancer's will

Upgrade: Cancer can form two or more viruses to evolve the two into a new sickness. The new sickness most likely won't have a anitode

Killer Instinct: Cancer puts his chakra into the ground spreading sickness into the ground. Any creature around gets the sickness inside them. They then proceed to kill any species that doesnt smell like that virus. That includes the unlucky oppenent.

Panademic: Cancer explodes his chakra out, with sickness enguled in it. Anything the bateria touches slowly erode its.
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Cancer Uirusu
Espada 8

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PostSubject: Re: The Walking Dead's Abilitis   Mon Nov 07, 2011 1:33 pm

Sonido: A flash step, faster, then Soul Reapers and Holy Order.

Cero: A blast of spirtual energy let loose from Cancer palms

Insanity Cero: A blast, same as before except, this time, it splits into eight ceros. It size stays the sames, with the same power, ad speed, and bounces around until it hits it target.

Bala: A blast faster then Cero, but less power.

Cero-Bala Shift: In the middle of a blast, Cancer can change the blast form either Bala to Cero and vice versa.

Insanity Pressure: Cancer as Spirtual Pressure all around him. Becasue he's techinally still an Uirusu, his powers has adated. His Spitual Presurre can now casue the mind to go insane, whoever's in Cancer prescence's.
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The Walking Dead's Abilitis
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