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  A Yuki's True Strength

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PostSubject: A Yuki's True Strength    Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:34 pm

Ice Release
Being from the Yuki clan, Hatsuko's kekkai genkai is Ice Release allowing him to combine wind and water-based chakra to create ice which he can manipulate through willpower alone. The ice Hatsuko creates is largely immune to fire-based attacks, only melting slightly when coming into contact with flames.

Ice Spikes - Hatsuko can send a wave of Ice Spikes towards the foe. At the same time, he can make Ice Spikes jut from the ground underneath the foe.

Protective Ice Dome - Hatsuko can quickly create an ice dome around his allies and himself to act as a defence. It is strong enough to withstand the assault of many exploding tags at once, remaining almost undamaged. Though it can easily be cracked and broken into by someone stronger than him.

Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death - Much like Haku's, Using this jutsu, Hatsuko gathers some water from the air and surrounding environment into one thousand long needles. He then directs them to a specific target at high speed, leaping backwards before impact so he doesn't get caught in the crossfire. Hatsuko is able to perform this jutsu with one-handed seals, allowing him to pin an opponent's arm and attack while they cannot use any techniques themselves.

Curse Mandala
An ability that Hatsuko acquired from his father. After performing various hand seals, The technique traps the victim in a pyramid-like chakra cage which will slowly constrict as Hatsuko moves his hands closer together. Anyone caught in the Mandala as it constricts will be crushed. Hatsuko must maintain a triangle-shaped hand seal at all times to maintain the cage. Should Hatsuko's will falter or the entrapped opponent happen to be strong enough, the cage can be broken. When the cage breaks, a massive explosion of energy follows, destroying a wide area and harming both the opponent and Hatsuko if he doesn't prepare himself first.


Ballet Background
Being raised as a proper lady wouldn't have been complete if he wouldn't be able to perform for his new husband and as such his parents enrolled him in ballet classes so that he could learn to dance. The thing about it was that Hatsuko took to ballet very well, even being called a sort of gifted child in the art. He has long since stopped the classes since there wasn't anything more that they could teach him, but he practices everyday and makes sure to practice in his heels to give him an edge in battle. This is where his leg strength comes from, as well as his quick and nimble footwork. He has a few set moves signature moves that he uses but the lot of them are improvised.

Allegro Entrechat - A series of quick and nimble movements used to evade and ellude the foe, no matter how quick they are moving. Hatsuko is so light on his feet (and in general) that it isn't very hard for him to shift his movements and direction just as quickly as the other person is moving.

Grand Jete - Taking off in a running start, Hatsuko does an open side leap, before spinning himself horizontal and delivering a leg drop to the top of the foe's head with all the momentum that he built up from the running, leap and spin.

Pirouette Tour - Hatsuko begins a pirouette, starting to spin slowly at first before picking up a very large amount of speed that allows him to create a small cyclone of wind around himself because of the speed and power of the spin. This move allows him to deflect projectile weaponry thrown at him when he isn't able to raise his protective ice drop.
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PostSubject: Re: A Yuki's True Strength    Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:48 pm

K. I approve.

What is this??? My power... It's overflowing...

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A Yuki's True Strength
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