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 Voodoo's Abilities

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PostSubject: Voodoo's Abilities   Thu May 05, 2011 12:48 pm

Magic mastery: After completing his sage exam Voodoo is now master over all magic. Ths ok ncludes spells chants justus and any other type of magic.

Black Magic: Allows him to harm, curse, cause misfortune, or can cause instant death. It all depends on Voodoo's mood.

Elemental Magic: This allows him to uses the elements as his power and bend it to his will.

Time Magic; Allows him to bend time to his will. Voodoo can speed up, slow down, stop evolve, or de-evolve anything he wants.

Aura Magic: The aura is the life force of all living things. The energy generated by this life force is used to generate magic. Voodoo can convert this force into healing wounds. The time it takes depends on how leathal the wound may be. From his training Voodoo can even make soul into living flesh.

Binding Magic: This mysterious, mystical force binds all that exists in the universe, it works as the thread that connects all things, living and otherwise. Voodoo can use these threads to bind people or creatures for a bit or cut them to erease the being from extinense.

Chaos Magic: This is a modern form of ritual magic. The source of the magic is some mind alternating technique. Voodoo can alter people's mind from little things like their sense of direction to serious things such as their sense of being.

Ritual Magic: Magic is created through the act of performing a ritual. This may or may not be based on a religion. Rituals take a lot of time depending on what it is for.

Symbol Magic: In this magical system, symbols are used to represent more that they seem on the surface. When used by a magic weaver, these symbols take on a physical quality. Voodoo can draw symbols with his wand to cast a spell in a quick fix.

Taoism: Harmony magic of the spiritual world. This magic can be used by either talismans and by chants. Voodoo can use this magic to either heal, seal, harm, or destroy spiritual beings. Depending on the being however, it makes the time vary with each spell.

Divine/Unholy Magic: The magic of the most divine and most unholy of beings. Voodoo can tap into their magic and make an armor of it and use their attacks or add the powers to his attacks.

Dimensional Magic: Magic of the diemensions. Voodoo can shape the dimensional space around him to his will. He is even strong enough to teleport you to his own dimension, where he controls everything in it.

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Voodoo's Abilities
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