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 P.O.T D.D

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PostSubject: P.O.T D.D   Fri May 06, 2011 4:35 pm

When I woke up, I was in the middle of nowhere. The sun was just beginning to fade, yet it felt dry and humid. I have no memories, just flashing pictures. A man with short white hair and a crescent scythe. Who was this man? Why did I feel that there was some connection between him and my current perdicament. Looking around I found that there were lights way off in the distance. Deciding thats where I should go, I tried to stand and realized there was the sharp end of a sword plunged into my side as well as a pool of blood under me. In panic i ripped it from my body and threw it with all my might. For some unknown reason I began to heal, which only served to freak me out worse. but still.....I felt no pain. Strange? As I walked I began to get a feel for my body. I was fit, energetic, and I felt strong. As if the weirdness of the entire situation wasn't bad enough I began to hallucinate. I could swear the man from my memory was standing right in front of.....I stop still as the man smiles.

" Well hello, my dear? I thought you were dead. " The man says smiling daggers. A bit afraid, I take a step back.
" Who are you? Where do you know me from? " I say. The mans grin disappears. He seems to be thinking hard about something.
" I think. Hmmm? " He pulls out his cresent sycthe and with no warning, swings a virtical swing at the girl. Acting on instincts she side steps, eyes wide with fear. " You haven't lost your speed. " He mumbles. He then retreats a few steps back. He then slings a fire ball at her to big to avoid. She throws up her arms for protection and an iron shield thrusts from the ground protecting the girl. Afterwards she falls backwards inshock and surprise.
" Well this could prove highly interesting. Tell you what darling. This world you inhabit now is dangerous full of many a strong foe. When the time comes I will challenge you to a duel. If you win, I'll explain all, however if you lose, well then your life belongs to me. Head into the village of fire. You have much work ahead of you my dear potdd. " With those words he disappears. WTH was THAT! thought the young girl. And what the hell is Ptdd or whatever she thought in exasperation. Infuriated and intrigued with what lies ahead, she makes her way into the village.
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