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 Angel's Abilites

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Angel Of Death::Yumiekage of the Darkness
Angel Of Death::Yumiekage of the Darkness

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PostSubject: Angel's Abilites   Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:56 pm

Apocalypto: Necross summon all of the four horsemen on Earth to wreak havok upon his oppenents. The horsemen consist of,

Horseman of War:
Horseman of Pestlenine
Horseman of Famine
Horseman of Death

These are their horses..

and these are the actucal hhorseman themselves

Gaurdain Angel: Necross's wing comes out to protect himself form blasts of energy. Depending on the force, he could repel it back on his victim

Rasangan Pulse. Necross make the Rasagan and floats it in the middle of the battlefield. Using his energy, he crushes the rasangan, causing a massive explosion

Peace of Heaven: Using his chakra, his influnces his oppenent, putting them in a ephoria state of being, leaving them wide open for an attack.

Penace Stare. Necross looks into your eyes causing you to look into your own soul. If you commited any type of sin, you burn for it.

An Angel Will: Necross uses his chakra, most mental nature, to will whatever he think into reality. So he imagines a fire shield around him, it happens.

Cold Shoulder: If Necross ever touches you, the oppenent soul slowly turns cold, putting them in a slow, cold tortous state. Only Necorss's other touch can remove this curse

Death Soul Release: Necross has two states of release the second state being more powerful. The first Release allows him to manipulate the earthly energy, replacing what he lost.

The second state allows him to tap into his hevenly form. On this mode, he uses the energy from the heavens. This has a never ending energy force.

Rightous Ressurection: Necross is able to gather the souls that are in heaven and use them as a small army.

Starscream: Necross gathers fireand hot earth into his mouth and spit it out. The fire is as hot as comets. Even if the fireball misses, the star explodes with the rock breaking apart as a frag grenade would.

Siren's Voice: Necross uses a sexy voice, to get you do do what he wants..

Angel's Glory: Necross gatherss the chakra from heaven, and explodes it outside his body causing the oppenent blindness for a couple of seconds

AC/DC: Necross causes an electric current to run from his body and explodes it outward or can call it form the heavens.

Holy Water: Necross lets looses a current of water that can burn an oppenent as if they commited a sin.

Darkwave: Necross causes a blast of dark energy to shoot directly at his oppenent.

Darklord: Necross makes a pentagramic shape shield that takes all types of blastes. This works better then the guardian angel technique.

More will come ^.^

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Angel Of Death::Yumiekage of the Darkness
Angel Of Death::Yumiekage of the Darkness

Cool points : 6

Dark Brand:
Dying Will Flame:
Soul Count:

PostSubject: Re: Angel's Abilites   Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:31 pm

Begone: A red blast of energy that shoots towards the oppenent. More deadly then the darkwave technique.

Cursed Seal: A pentagram that's set on the ground. If the person steps into it, their bodies are controlled by Necross himself

Time Disortation: Necross can slow down, rewind, fast forward, or stop time itself. He can do it on himself or on the victim

Heaven's Scroll: This allows him to summon any number of Angel's from heaven

Soul Preice: Necross can cut the soul of any creature.

Hado: A number of spells that has mulitple abilites.

Flash step: A natrual ability of Soul Reaper's. Necross is able to take one step and travel many distances

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Angel Of Death::Yumiekage of the Darkness
Angel Of Death::Yumiekage of the Darkness

Cool points : 6

Dark Brand:
Dying Will Flame:
Soul Count:

PostSubject: Re: Angel's Abilites   Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:12 pm

Abbadon's Abilites

To clear things up, Abbadon almost as the same abilites as Necross. Except the one that deals with Death. Her touch is more upon the destruction of the mind, body, and/or Soul.

Inferno Pit: Abbadon can summon a dark hole that involves a fiery pit that is bottomless. So in fact, in you trapped within this, you will fall. Forever. Unless Abbadon decides to take you out.

Seven Deadly Sins: These Seven Deadly sin involve the destruction of something, therefore she has possesion of them. She can put them in humane form and spread there influence over the ballte field. These "sins" are

Vanity: She can pump up your head to the point of beliving in only yourself. Arrogance to the point where you won't listen to anyone else

Gluttonly:Name speaks for itself. If you didn't come into the battle fully nurshiored, this is a bad this with her around. She actucally trys to make you eat yourself, depending on how bad your hungry

Avarice: Greed. Power that currupts your head

Sloth: Laziness. The inability to feel emotions. These are what causes insianity, depressions and such.

Envy: Hopefully you aren't jeoulous of anyone. Cuz f you are, that person's iage is constanlty gonna be in your head.

Wrath: People with anger issues beware. This lady can cause someone go ballisitc over a melted freeze pops. She has your anger on 24/7. Or however long the battle is.

Lust: It doens't always mean someone. It can mean something. Your true dark disires.......

SoulChanneling: Abbadon can draw strenght not just form her own being but from other living things with a Soul too to increse her own power.

Mind Mush: Abbadon can affect the mind anyway. She can cause memory loss, implant fake memorys or cause severe memory to come back into place.

Kinesis: Of course with her being an Angel, she has the abilites to manuiplate other elments. But her strongest suiit of elemental power belongs in Pyrokenisis, and Eltrcokenisis

Weatherman: Abbadon has complete control over the forcast. She can decide wheather it be a sunny day, or a freak tornado along with hailing fire depending on her Angel's Will.

Possesion: Abbadon can possers the bodeis of other people or animals if they have at least one soul.

Weaponary Image: Being destrcution, she can create and is skill in all weapons. She can even manipulte regular weapons can cause extreme destrcution. (i.e. A bullet can become an atomic bomb if she so chose too)

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PostSubject: Re: Angel's Abilites   

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Angel's Abilites
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