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 Alkel's Life Story

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Chunnin of the New Terrace
Chunnin of the New Terrace

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PostSubject: Alkel's Life Story   Wed May 18, 2011 2:03 pm

Name: Alkel
Age: 18
Hair Color: Brown
D.O.B: June 8, 1992

Traits: A sweet sensitive guy with a compassion for people's livesmusic, and flowers.
Freind in this Universe: Artery Vessel
Bio: Alkel came from a royal family. Because of this he never really had any freinds. That all changed when he meet Artery Emoto. They meet in a bakery where Artery was buying cookies. Alkel was lucky enough to sneak away for a while into the cookie shop. Ever since they became best freinds. Unforunalty, Alkel was struck with an illness(Crohn's disease) and had to go to a hospital where Artery was working as a nurse. He was healed of this diesease and pretended he needed to stand in the hospital so he could stand with his best freind. Unforunlty for him, someone with a grudge against his family tried to kill Alkel. While in bed, Alkel was stabbed multiple times. Artery did everything he could to save his freind but he died, or so he though. Without waiting for the results Artery vowed revenge. Artery's mother, Femur, healed his wounds. After being discharged from the hospital he told his parents he was leaving. After a two hour fight, Alkel got his way. He made it into the Kingdom of Dusk, his new home. As of now he is looking for his best freind before things get out of hand......
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Chunnin of the New Terrace
Chunnin of the New Terrace

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PostSubject: Re: Alkel's Life Story   Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:53 pm


Personal Information
Name: Alkel Bevitore
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Personailty: Alkel is a very spoken spoken person, who so happen to to also be very shy. The one perso he's eveer really connected to was Artery "Vessel" Emoto. Whenever he's not around Vessel, he's usually off by himself. He loves flowers with a passion, with ties in with his Keikei-Genkai. He's really afraid of hurting people, seeing people get hurt, and most of, scared in general. But in time he'll gain confidence in himself

History: Vessel and Alkel met up in a cookie shop, seeing Vessel buy his all time favorite, White Chocalate Macdendam nut. Vessel noticed him, and immediaty went over and tried to be freind with him. Alkel, at fisrt, was standoffish, but within a couple of minutes, them two became close freinds. Over time, Alkel, showed Vessel who he really was, a prince within the high community. He didn't understand how his family came into power, but his father, Valkro, always spoke to Alkel, telling him, he was better then the rest.

"Alkel, my son. Remeber this if anything else. Royalty and power runs through your veins. That means anything ansd everything is yours. Don't let anything or anyone tell you otherwise. Especailly those four legged demons.."

Alkel nevered understood what his father meant. But weird thing kept hapening. Such as to the fact that, something was always chasing Alkel whenever he was in the forest. Or when he was close to death when someone tries to assasnaite him, he'll always heal faster then other. And this happened five time. But in due time, Vessel thought it was due to his Emoto abilites. But that wasn't it. In fact, Alkel is an actucal vampire. He doesn't know this but the trait has been recessive, but in due time, it will be released....

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Alkel's Life Story
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