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 Devil's Son way of saying Hi

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Amos the 2nd
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Chunnin of the New Terrace

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PostSubject: Devil's Son way of saying Hi   Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:56 pm

Chakra Natures:Knows Darkness, and Fire

Kekkei Genkai:The kin of the Devil is where you have a chance of becoming one,but you must be stronger then the current leader of the bloodline,but those who have it have stronger sense's and skills than others and has better control of fire and Darkness and they can drink blood to recover themself's

Darkness Manipulation:The ability to use the Darkness

Fire Manipulation:The ability to use Fire

Thunder Manipulation:The ability to use Thunder

Darkness release:shadow mist: This summon's a dark mist to blind enemy's which is a genjustu

Darkness Release: Shadow clone: This summon shadows to act as clones

Darkness Release: Shadow chains: This is a invisable chain that traps people

Darkness Release: Shadow Insanity: Causes to show the worst fears of the enemy and disrupt the mind

Darkness release:Shadow spikes:Touchs the ground to make the shadows attack his oppenent with spikes

Darkness Release:Black Water:Summons a area of black water from his mouth that looks murky

Dark Force fury:It makes the user charge up and then release a Dark aura that destroys the molcule it touchs(Like Star Killer when he does force fury)

Fire Release: Dark hell fire: This shoots fire from hell that is way worst than normal fire as well as can cancel any effects on the target it hits but takes double his power to use it.

Fire Release: Hells hand : This summons darkflames to his hand to act as a atack and shield as well as suck in other flames.

Fire Release:Dark hell aura: It summons a Dark flame aura around the user

Fire Release:Flame Binding: It summons fire blades that is made with his focusing magic which he can shot or hold to bind people

Fire release:Clone Bomber:Makes a clone blow up when hit on impact like they hit it(punch,kick,)

Fire release:Hell Circle:Makes a hell flame circle that blocks your movement

Fire Release:Hell beam:focus on one point to shoot a small beam of flame

Fire Release:Flame tower:Puts his hand on the ground and flame come out of the ground

The Power of the Devil

Devil Trigger:power up so far it increases his speed and power and gives him horns,a Tail, and Claws coming from his hands

Split:Has two charka's one of his own and the other one from his dark side which only release when in danger a split personality

Vampire:He gains 1/10 of power and charka from the blood he drinks thanks to his death powers

Devil's wings: can sweep away genjustu's and posion as well as fly

Absorb fire:Can Absorb most fire's even his own

Death marks:He has the ability to summon his weapons with his marks on his body to switch at any moment

Devil's Pride: The power to Atract the oppisite sex and suduce them

Fake Death: He can fake his death

Blood tracker:Can smell blood in and out of people

Insomnia:Can't sleep

Soldiers: He has followers that he can summon

Pure Blood:The blood of the devil makes it that his blood stays clean and can't be infected or changed

Self-destruct Circle:Just in case he cant use it it will blow up with a simple handsign

Choas Legion: summons his right and left hand soldiers

DarkFlame Hounds:Summon his loyal dogs to help him

Sword skills

Uprising:Cuts with his sword at a high speed to cut upwards

Downfall:Cuts down with such force that it will cause a crator

Death slash:When he draws his sword he can shoot a invisable slash at the oppenent

100 slashs in hell:A fast attack of sword slashs that attack all parts of the oppenents body

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Amos the 2nd
Chunnin of the New Terrace
Chunnin of the New Terrace

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PostSubject: Re: Devil's Son way of saying Hi   Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:33 pm

Omi Trigger:The next form in his transformation that increases his power,speed,and chakra pool to a higher extent

Fire Release:Kami-kaze:Makes a clone become on fire with hell flames as it would start to attack the opponent with even faster speed

Fire Release:Combustion:Can explode the air and burn anyone in the area of the blast

Darkness Release:Dark void:Creates a small area that he can suck things into like a quicksand

Darkness Release:Extended Tendrils:Summons tendrils from the shadows to stab into the opponents body

Sword skill

Godspeed:Moves past the opponent and delivers lightning speed slices with his blade

Dark sword:Can stab his sword into the ground as it would cause tendrils to attack the opponent and wrap around his arms

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Devil's Son way of saying Hi
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