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 Hiromasa Senju

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PostSubject: Hiromasa Senju   Fri May 20, 2011 12:23 pm

~General Information~

Name: Hiromasa Senju

Nickname/Alias: HM

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Weight: 185 lbs

Height: 5' 10"

Hiromasa has short, white hair which contrasts with his dark skin. His eyes are light brown and always half way closed, it is only wide when he is interested in something. His muscled figure matches well with his tall stature. A scar is also seen on his left cheek, which reminds him of an event he still cannot forget. He wears short sleeves most of the time when he's in the village, and when seen a book is always seen on him. Odd enough he wears sneakers instead of the traditional footwear worn by the most villagers.

Clothing: At home, Hiromasa wears a white sleeveless, with black pants. He wears no jewelry at all. When out on journeys or other matters, Hiromasa wears a black suit with yellow lining. the shirt has sleeves while the coat is sleeveless. On the left sleeve, there are four yellow squares symbolizing the amount of true friends he has lost throughout his life.

Personality: Hiromasa is reserved most of the time. Personally he finds it useless to have emotions in very serious situations, because all it opens, are doors for misconception. The only time he would be carefree with his emotions, is with friends( the few trusted ones he have), because it takes a really long time for him to trust anyone, which may be one of his good or
maybe bad feature.

When Hiromasa is around anyone (excluding close friends) he can be seen as cold and can be said to have a heart(rarely), even under painful circumstances, like a death or close betrayal. Although he might show this exterior, he is always well mannered to everyone and takes great insult if this is not returned no matter the rank of the person. Underneath, Hiromasa does care about people but only few persons are able to see this. One thing he likes is respect over rules.

He does not engage in any action without calculating all the possibilities and always have a back up plan, in case a plan does not work out. If anyone is lost he would continue life as normal because his logical side will take over, pushing away emotions not needed to solve the reason for their downfall. Hiromasa does not take other people's thoughts of him personal, because the belief he has in himself outweighs others. This belief also provides the mental energy he needs to get results for the problems he has. There is a danger to his quiet nature. When he loses control of his emotions, which only happens if he is furious, he would ruthlessly crush all in his sight no matter who they are, which usually has personal consequences.

Catch Phrase: none

~Rank/Village Information~

Classification: Genin

Village: Diamond Village

Letter Rank: (What letter rank is your character)

~Clan & Weapon Information~

Clan Name: Senju

Kekei Genkai: Wood Release

Clan Symbol:

Secret Jutsu: Wood Release Secret Technique: Birth of Dense Woodland

~Skill Information~

Element Specialty:
Main: Wood
Sub: Earth

Skill Specialty:
Main: Tactician
Sub: Taijutsu

~History/Rp Sample~


Hiromasa was born in, the Leaf Village and was raised by a single mother. He was grown to support and represent his village in the highest way possible, thus making it possible for him choose to be a ninja. He pushed himself to be the best and took great pride in following and maintaining the laws of the Village and to also maintain peace. At the age of 11 his mother got ill and not even the medical ninjas could come up with a cure, and could only help her to die painlessly. To prevent his true heritage from being lost, his mother revealed to him that his father's surname was not Sojima, but Senju. His father did not want to experience any preferential treatment if any, so after her death he accepted his real name.


After this revelation, he knew he had a name to live up to and worked even harder to reach the top. The Village Hokage in that time had the idea that the senju blood line with a Bijuu would make it easier to control. It was not. Following, the scrolls that showed the Great Hokage Naruto's journey, he went to the waterfall of truth and conquered himself and after four days controlled the Kyuubi. The following missions had placed him in many life threatening situations. One of these missions gave him a cut along his left cheek, this left him with memories he still wants forgotten. This mission caused all of his teammates, except one, to be killed because of a stupid mistake. Although he has been forgiven by their family, he still is tormented by nightmares for 2 years now. The only good thing, is that the experience has motivated him to master his ability to analyze, practise ninjutsu genjutsu and taijutsu, to be more rounded, so the accident would not be repeated.

Rp Sample:

The warm summer breeze flowed through the partially closed windows and danced around the poorly lit room. The sound of Hiromasa's shallow breaths could only be heard by himself, as he slowly used the only kunai to cut a string. The only sounds that could be heard now was the faint
movement of senbons, kunais and shurikens as they sailed through the air. Nimbly dodged and blocked them. After the end of the barrage he felt a pain in his shoulder and left leg. Looking he saw a senbon in his shoulder and a shuriken in the leg. Hiromasa groaned as he removed the weapons from his body, looking he hit his head in frustration, then got
ready again to cut the second wire. This time he paid close attention to the wind direction, no matter how faint, because it could still affect the projectiles direction, listened carefully and sliced the second wire. At the end of this session, there was no injuries, but his shirt still had superficial cuts and small blood droplets on the floor. Setting up the wires and weapons again, he begun the training again.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiromasa Senju   Fri May 20, 2011 12:34 pm

It's good. I approve. Weapon list and jutsu list next.

What is this??? My power... It's overflowing...

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Hiromasa Senju
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