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 Reishi Arts

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PostSubject: Reishi Arts   Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:25 pm

Rei-Wave: Takeshi takes up an orb of reishi and punches it, creating a giant blastwave of energy.

Rei-Heal: Takeshi can use the reishi around him to heal his wounds. The speed of the healing varies from how bad the wound is.

Hirenkakyu: This allows Takeshi to move quickly in short distances. Its a bit faster than a flash step.

Seals: Takeshi can make seal for supernatural beings. The seals can either immobilize them, send them back to their realm, or destroy them. These are it:

Redire Sigillum: The seal of return: This seal can send any supernatural beings to their realms for a while. This one can vary in many different sizes.

Amocionis Sigillum: The seal of removal: This seal disdupts the usage of spiritual chakra for a bit (i.e. heavenly chakra, demonic chakra)

Signum Doloris: The seal of pain: This seal causes immense pain to the being its attached to until they go back to their realm.

Restrictione Sigillum: The seal of restriction: This seal freezes the being in a certain spot until it wears off or until Takeshi releases it.

Mortis Signaculum: The seal of death: This seal can destroy the existance of a being completely. But if Takeshi uses this by himself, he will die from it.

Rei-bolts: Takeshi can shoots bolts of reishi from slashing his sword or punching the air.

Rei-charge: Takeshi can enevolp weapons of his or others in reishi to do damage to supernatural beinges.

Rei-viper: Takeshi slides on the ground with reishi around his, then he can either gather the in his hand and end the slide with an uppercut, or he can use the momentum to launch himself upward while still covered in reishi.

Great uproar: Takeshi can erupt a large area of reishi from underneath his opponent.

Final Flare: Takeshi gathers reishi into his hands and slam them into the ground and reishi violently flies upward around him.

Demon Mode: Takeshi can take off the seal on his arm and transform into his demon mode:

Thus greatly increasing his strength.

((More to come very soon.))

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PostSubject: Re: Reishi Arts   Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:29 pm

Approved. Just post a list of the specific seals later. If need be, that is.
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Reishi Arts
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