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 Contained Travesty

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PostSubject: Contained Travesty   Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:20 am

Chrono Ignition: Kyo's kekkei genkai that allows him to burn through time with his flames. One hit with a ball of fire may feel like days of burning, as well as allowing him to use moves that freeze people in time. His flames can eat away at the time of whatever they touch. Kyo has an extremely high tolerance to time based techniques as well. While his flames are deadly already, during chrono ingition, his flames are inextinguishable. Kyo can choose to either slow, stop, and fast forward time over a large area, or he can utilize the form for his flames.

Chrono Trigger: A dormant kekkei genkai of the Kusanagi family. The user can look into the past and future, and manipulate any happening of their choosing. However, time does not stop, leaving the user completely open. The user is also able to freely travel throughout time.

The user manipulates their body into becoming one with heat, flames, and stone. Can turn appendages, such as arms, legs, and even arteries into magma or other forms of heat. The body accepts the changes, therefore having a heart made out of lava still functions. Becomes immune to most fire, magma, lava, and heat based attacks. Ice and water do less damage as well. All of Kyo's fire jutsu and flame manipulations use a significantly smaller amount of chakra to perform. Gives control over thermal energy and allows him to instill a calmness over people that makes them happy around Kyo. Also gives a higher chance of ridding himself and others of genjutsu and malevolent emotions, including lust and anger.

Kekkei Genkai Techniques In Use

Chrono Laceration: Begins with Kyo brutally attacking foe in flames. Attacks speed up and then Kyo stops time and speeds around the foe, delivering heavy fire enhanced blows that seem like explosions from everywhere. Finishes with an actual controlled explosion.

Kusanagi Ripple: Fires dozens of small flame projectiles that when they hit, traps the foe in a small orb of fire that either slows time or reverses it within. When reversed, foe re-ages until they become a fetus.

Phoenix Tear: Creates a circle of flames in a 100 foot radius. Enemies who cross the flame feel like they're walking through an ocean of flames. Enemy burns as they lose years of their life, aging 10 years per second if they linger in it for too long.)Allies who touch the flame have their wounds reversed and healed at the price of a small burn.

Phoenix Art: Subjugation of the heavenly flame to the 1st degree: Kyo absorbs thermal energy and mixes it with his own flames. Launches a concentrated beam of fire and thermal energy at the foe, hot enough to turn the ground to ashes and dig down into the upper mantle of the planet.

Phoenix Art: Subjugation of the heavenly flame to the 2nd degree: Kyo absorbs more thermal energy and only uses a little of his own flames. Launches a concentrated beam of therlam energy and fire at the foe, hot enough to cause a heat wave over the area and dig down to the core of the earth, turning everything in between to ashes.

Phoenix Art: Subjugation of the heavenly flame to the 3rd degree: Kyo absorbs all forms of heat and thermal energy. The area around in a 100 meter radius becomes engulfed in a dome of heat transcending 5000 degrees. Unleashes a blast strong enough to put out the sun. When used with Synchronization, can burn through mental and spiritual anomalies as well.

Jutsu (As of now)

Shift Raze: Creates a vortex of flames to repel projectiles back at foe. Only last five seconds.

Flare Whirlwind: A spinning leap that creates a flamed whirlwind around Kyo's body. With added chakra, can become a burning tornado.

Inferno Clones: Creates clones of fire. *Another Shadow Clone* Each clone burst into huge explosions when destroyed.

Blast Zone Grenade: Small fire balls form on Kyo's fingertips and then form into one extremely compacted ball of fire. Throws the balls of fire casually, creating explosions as powerful as grenades.

Blaze Fire Coil: Creates a small stream of fire that moves as if it has a mind of its own. Coils around Kyo's body and attacks like a snake.

Lull of The Phoenix Spell: Creates dim embers in the air that look like spirit lanterns. Enemies that come too close get stuck with an ember and induced in a genjutsu of hell. Once genjutsu is dispelled, ember ignites into a large explosion.

Fireball:...Launches a fireball...

Phoenix Flare: A devastating flaming uppercut that knocks foe into the air, even if the punch itself doesn't hit. While up, Kyo causes a continuous explosion to erupt around them, dealing damage over a set time period before closing his fist and igniting the person in one last blast.

Demon Burst: A rush attack where Kyo covers himself in flames and lays into the foe repeatedly. Grabs foe and creates a pillar of flames around them before tossing the foe away.

Road of the Black Flame: Creates a wall of black flames around himself and opponent, giving them nowhere to run. Can meld into the flames and the wall of fire has the same effect as Lull of the Phoenix Spell.

Shocking First Bullet: Kyo ignites one of his arms into a powerful flame that pushes him to launch a punch strong enough to shatter mountains.

Annihilating Second Bullet: Kyo rebuilds the flames from the first bullet heavier to perform a devastating punch that can completely annihilate an entire village.

Exterminating Third Bullet: Kyo builds the flames around his body to go all out in one direction. Delivers a punch with enough force to crumble half the planet.

Genocidal Last Bullet: Kyo utilizes Embodiment of Flame to become one with his flames. Rushes the foe almost as fast as the speed of light to create an explosion as powerful as the big bang.

Fire Dragon: Unleashes a large dragon of fire that homes in on the foe.

Cataclysm: Kyo creates two concentrated fire balls and hurls one into the air. Then he throws the other into it create a massive explosion that is powerful enough to tremble the earth.

Blast Zone Warhead: Kyo creates two Blast Zone Grenades in his hands and combines them, making a glowing ball of fire. Tosses the ball upwards before leaping and delivering a powerful pele-kick, sending the bomb towards either the foe or the ground and causing a massive nuclear warhead effect.

Supernova: Kyo channels all of his flame energy into his center. A large heat dome spreads out over a large area, creating a heat wave hotter than the sun, before Kyo begins to unleash constant pulses of flames inside of the dome.

Wind Jutsu

Gale Whirlwind: Creates a whirlwind over a large radius that is powerful enough to redirect opponents projectiles and attacks, and even blow the opponent of course if they're in the air. Can also be used to spread flames and redirect Kyo's or an allies jutsu as well.

Phoenix Trail: A powerful blast of scorching hot winds that sear the earth as well as the opponent, able to cause the air pressure to increase in the area, causing flames to spread swiftly, drawn to the area of and direction of the wind.

Hurricane Javelin: A drilling tornado of wind controlled by the user with the force of a hurricane. Can break through most fire attacks by absorbing the air pressure into its center, and can even break through most barriers.

Air Blade Dance: A concentration of wind around the body is unleashed to act as thousands of blades clashing and slashing at the same time. Defensive capabilities rival the Hyuga's kaiten while its offensive capabilities are deadly enough to dice anything into microscopic pieces if caught within the range. The bigger the range, the more chakra that is used to keep its power.

True Kusanagi State: Synchronous Ignition

Synchronous Ignition occurs when Kyo uses his harmony and/or chaos chakra while using Chrono Ignition. He is able to wield the forces of light and darkness along with his flames, and is able to fight spirits/souls that would normally be intangible by physical means. While using Synchronous Ignition, Kyo's flames expand to be able to burn through dimensional boundaries as well as time.

Harmony/Holy Flame: The harmony chakra when used with Kyo's flames create white flames that do not burn physically. They can still burn through time, but as well, they attack the spirit and chakra directly. With enough power, can burn up the chakra used to sustain a jutsu and can even severe the opponents chakra network. Works as a harmonizing factor to balance out chaos.

Chaos Flame: The chaos chakra when used with Kyo's flames creates darker, sometimes black flames that don't burn as bad as his normal flames nor his harmony flames. However, they still burn and just by touching the opponent can coat them in a heavy darkness that weighs them down by drawing from their chakra reserves to increase its potency. So the more chakra the opponent has, the stronger the effects. As well, the darkness can blind the foe temporarily when it first touches them. Works as a harmonizing factor to balance out harmony.

Shangri-La: The state of enlightenment that Kyo has achieved. It allows him to take the essence of whatever property he controls and use it in its most natural state. The Shangri-La form can take any essence, from Chaos, Harmony, and even Kyo's Chrono Ignition. Each form acts as a neutralizer for the opposing force against itself and boost the efficiency of Kyo to face all other forces.

God Slayer Flame: Alpha

The first form of Kyo's final flames. The final combination of Chrono Trigger, Chrono Ignition, Embodiment of Flame, Synchronous Ignition, Complete Harmony, and Complete Chaos. The Kusanagi bloodline finally and completely combined with the Phoenix Clans bloodline transcending time and the spirit. Kyo's flames become clear, like liquid and gain the ability of Kusanagi the God Slayer. In Alpha form, his flames can burn and manipulate probability.

God Slayer Flame: Omega

The second form of Kyo's final flames. Delving further into the powers of Kusanagi the God Slayer, Kyo's flames become able to burn and manipulate fate/destiny.

God Slayer Flame: Zeta

The third form of Kyo's final flames. Reaching a state of truth, Kyo's flames become able to burn through anything, reducing even existence and thought itself to nothing.

More TBA

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PostSubject: Re: Contained Travesty   Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:38 am

Nice. Lol. You are now the best fire user. Also can you get a pic for the avy?

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Lux Aeterna of the New Age Rogue's

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PostSubject: Re: Contained Travesty   Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:42 am

Done and Done
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PostSubject: Re: Contained Travesty   Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:05 pm

Damn...the strongest fire user...congratulations

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PostSubject: Re: Contained Travesty   

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Contained Travesty
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