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PostSubject: Nick   Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:12 am

~General Information~

Name: Nick

Nickname/Alias: The Big Bad Wolf

Age: Unknown, looks 14.

Gender: Male

Weight: 135 lbs on an empty stomach.

Height: 5'2


Nick resembles a teenage boy with a rather light build, save his huge flabby stomach, and messy brown hair. His skin is very pale, and doesn't seem to tan even after prolonged time in the sun. He generally has a cheerful air to him, though it can grow quite a bit more malevolent when he shows his true nature. Most notable though are his ears, which are pointed atop his head and covered in black fur, and his bushy black tail.

Clothing: Nick usually wears a simple outfit, consisting of yellow cotton pants, which puff out around his legs. Above it he wears a small yellow vest, which leaves his belly exposed. He never wears shoes, but does often include fingerless gloves the same color as his outfit.

Personality: Nick is always cheerful and upbeat, and loves to see and try anything that sounds fun. Unfortunately he's also a very twisted boy, and so his idea of fun rarely is any for others. This ranges from playing mean tricks, up to outright eating people. He has a big mouth and is extremely rude and sarcastic when dealing with someone that's gotten on his nerves. He also tends to mock the opponent a lot in battle. Nick also has an enormous appetite, and is constantly hungry. He can consume a vast amount without trouble, and it's said he once defeated an entire village in an eating contest; and then made them provide him with dessert!

Catch Phrase: None; though he'll often start off battles with "Hey! Kiss this!" While smacking his butt at them.

~Rank/Village Information~

Classification: Genin

Village: None yet

Letter Rank: D

~Clan & Weapon Information~

Clan Name: None

Kekei Genkai: Big Bad Wolf

Clan Symbol: None

Secret Jutsu:


Name: First Level Glutton
Rank: Genin
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind
Description: In this skill Nick opens his mouth widely and breaths in, creating a powerful gust. It's relatively weak, but can be used to drawn in opponents, pull dropped items to him, or to eat any food in the area. He can also use it to dispose of the bodies of fallen enemies.

Name: Second Level Glutton
Rank: Chunin
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind
Description: In this evolution of the skill, Nick inhales deeper, allowing him to pull in larger objects, and to stun opponents with the force of the wind. If they cannot resist it, they may be yanked right off their feed.

Name: Third Level Glutton
Rank: Jounin
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind
Description: The third and penultimate level of the Jutsu. In it Nick's suction becomes strong enough to pull opponents right off the ground and to his mouth. He may either target multiple opponents, pulling them as in the second level, or a single target to pull them into his mouth and swallow them. They must either do major damage to his belly walls, or have an ally deal a direct hit to his stomach to make him spit them out. Before they get digested that is.

Name: Ultimate Glutton
Rank: Kage
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind
Description: Nick's ultimate jutsu, only usable if he makes it to Kage rank. It functions identical to Third Level Glutton, but he may swallow multiple opponents at once. It also makes it harder to break free, and his stomach acids will do greater damage.

Name: Huff/Puff
Rank: Genin
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind
Description: Nick inhales deeply, his belly puffing out even further, and then expells the breath as a massive force of wind, threatening to blow back those in the way.

Name: Provocation
Rank: Genin
Type: Genjutsu
Element: None
Description: Nick taunts the opponent my shaking and slapping his butt at them. While it seems simple, it's actually laced with a simple genjutsu, increasing the effect to include more normally cool-headed opponents.

Name: Gassy Taunt
Rank: Chuunin
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None (Though he'll sometimes prefix it with "Fuuton" just to be funny.)
Description: The evolution of Nick's Provocation, and often considered one of the most horrible jutsu ever unleashed on a person. He turns and performs his taunt, except after the last pat he proceeds to fart, blasting the opponent with a terrible cloud of gas. Not only does it cause the same mental effect as the previous skill, but the force will deal damage, and the horrific smell may stun or sicken them. It may not deal a lot of damage, but the disgusting technique is dreaded by those who know of Nick's reputation.

Name: Whirlwind Flop
Rank: Genin
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind
Description: Nick inhales deeply, as in Huff/Puff, his belly filling with air. He then turns around and breaths it downward, launching himself diagonally into the air. He will do a few flips on the way up, before bellyflopping down on the enemy with his full weight.

~Skill Information~

Element Specialty:
Main: Wind
Sub: Water

Skill Specialty:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Genjutsu

~History/Rp Sample~

History: Nick is the current holder of the title of Big Bad Wolf. This position is attained at birth, and always exactly 3 months after the death of the previous one. There is much speculation on whether it's a true bloodline, that only activates in one person at a time, or if he is truly a single entity that is simply reborn in a new body. Though the simularities in appearance and personality makes the latter very possible. He, and it's always a he, will age very quickly, reaching a teenage form in a matter of days, at which point he will remain in this stage until his death. Due to this, one can never guess how old he really is. He may simply be a few days or years old, or he may be decades, if not centuries. It's still unknown how long he can live, as they tend to meet a less natural end fairly quickly. The oldest known Wolf having been in his mid 70's. Regardless, Nick is the newest in the line, and exemplifies the cheerfully cruel behavior they're famous for. As of yet he is not affiliated with any village, and has lived as a bandit of sorts, ambushing travelers. He's also forced traveling ninja to train him, and with the combination of this and his natural talents he is equivalent to a Genin in strength. He actually intends to join a village someday, but wants to find one really worthy of his time.
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PostSubject: Re: Nick   Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:59 pm

Approved but if its not too much trouble, could you please put your Jutsu in the Jutsu list part of the forum. I know other rp sites to theirs different but we have reasons as to why we use these methods. Thank you.

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