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 Cinder's Story

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PostSubject: Cinder's Story   Mon Aug 22, 2011 7:55 pm

Name: Cinder

Age: 21

Bio: Cinder grew up in a traveling troupe which is basically a traveling circus. his dad was an amazing lute player and an even better actor, his mom was an actor and a beautiful singer. His childhood was filled with laughter and adventure, and he took everything as a chalenge and wanted to learn more all the time. They performed all over the eastern kingdom singing songs and putting on plays. His father stumbled upon the story of the great hero of the land and about the chioulind which were a pack of seven demons. His father became more and more enthused with these storries and began to seek them out wherever he could. On there way to Ylla trees covered the road. His father called the troupe to a halt for the day so the could remove the tree. While they were setting up Cinder's mother sent him away to collect fire wood. Cinder happily complied. After spending a few hours in the Forrest gathering an armfull of firewood he started trekking back to the camp. As he entered the clearing the wood fell from his arms as he starred in horror at what stood infront of him. Most of the wagons we ablaze with huge ugly flames and bodies littered the ground from where his fellow troupers were slain. He hagan to slowly make his way through the camp as he saw a group of people sitting around a fire. His parents fire. He looked at the group to stunned to speak. One of the people noticed him and got up to walk over to him. He equated down in front of him and looked him up and down. He then turned back and yelled to the rest of his companions.
"Looks like we missed the little runt!" he turned back to Cinder and smiled with his too white teeth and hollow black eyes "where are your parents?" he asked cheerfully. "Oh is this their fire?" he asked flashing his teeth again. "well kiddie I guess your parents were looking for all the wrong kinds of stories." he said standing again and drawing his knife.
"Damos! leave him we have more important places to be now." said dark figure cloaked in shadow.
Damos looked at Cinder with disappointment and turned to leave. All of the figures seemed to step into the dark ones cloak and dissapeard. With fear in his eyes Cinder rushed over to his parents wagon and found their bodies bloody and lifeless. Numb with greif Cinder climbed into the wagon and lit ever candle. He curled up on the bed cradling his fathers lute and lied on his mother's pillow which smelled of her. He didn't mean to sleep but it soon claimed him and he fell unconscious.
Cinde woke coughing as as flames ate up the wagon. The candles are what caused it he knew. With haste he grabbed his father's lute and ran into the woods.
Cinder spent the next three months living in the forest and teaching himself to play the lute even better. Soon he could play so well that he could mimic the sounds of nature with his playing like the sound of falling leaves or of a gentil breeze. Soon many of the strings began to break and he could no longer play. Disheartened Cinder made his way to the road which he followed to the large cuts of treadmore. If Cinder had had his wits he would never have gone here. Bit he did and he spent the next three years of his life in the grubby dockdistrict of the city where the poor lived. He begged to get by and shivered in the winters. Cinder soon remember the stories of the university and it's ten time ten-thousand books. Excited he saved ever scrap of money he could afford to attent the school. After three years Cinder finally had enough to pay for new clothes and a way there and hoped it would be enough.
Many hardships and wounds effected Cinder as he traveled to and attended the University.
Concern graduated as full arcanist at a gouged age than anyone had ever befor him.
In his studies Cinder had learned the name of the Wind which allowed him to control the wind. After graduating Cinder traveled away from the University and began his search for the ones that killed his family so he could take his revenge for what happened to them.....
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PostSubject: Re: Cinder's Story   Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:40 am

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Cinder's Story
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