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 Inner evil

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PostSubject: Inner evil   Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:08 pm

As a child Aiko was extremely ugly she hated everyone. Once she was in high school she drew in the prettiest girl in school for an article in the school paper once she got her alone she took out a revolver and took out her anger she then desposed of the body she then was caught for her crime by the girls best friend and was sentenced to life in prison after 3 weeks she broke out and was now being pursued by the law. She was wondering the streets one day and heard a police siren. She hid in an alley and once the police passed she kept walking down the dark alley as she approached the end she hit something with her shoe she looked down and all she saw were two neon purple eyes. She reached down for it and picked it up it felt fussy and small she left the alley with the thing in her arms. When she exited the alley she looked down and saw that it was a kitty it was jet black with giant neon purple eyes. She turned to the left and entered a strange building it looked abandoned. While she was exploring the building she decided it was a good place to stay the night. She set down the wounded kitty on a chair to sleep she then found a couch to sleep on and she laid down and was out within 5minutes at 3:48am she woke up to a strange noise she got up and went looking for the sorse. She found a knife on a table by the kitty. She then walked towards the noise she saw a tall woman coverd from head to toe in a black dress and all you could see was her outline and her eyes. Aiko walked forward so the woman could see her. The woman said that Aiko had a purpose in life and if she wanted to fulfill it she should fallow her Aiko grabbed the kitty and fallowed the woman out the door and into a gray van. Aiko then realized she left the knife on the chair to grab the cat. Aiko the said to the woman. Hey where are we going the woman just stayed silent. Once they stopped the got out and found herself in a white building the ceilings were 50ft high she then followed the woman and she brought her to a beautiful lady. The woman said to the beautiful lady that this is the one and that the time was now. The lady got up and told Aiko to follow her to the arena so she did and they walked to the back of the building she saw a huge space. There were empty seats all around the ground of the arena it was all black but once the lady entered the place the poles lit up with fire and now the stands were full of people the lady said her name was Aphrodite and that Aiko was chosen by the gods to fight for the right of power and wealth. Aiko was now interested Aphrodite said it is a fight to the death between Aiko and her. They chose there weapons and Aphrodite chose a small yellow tube Aiko chose a small golden dagger. The ref said FIGHT aphrodite flicked her wrist with the tube in it. It transformed into a 3ft long electric stick. Aphrodite charged at Aiko and front flipped over her and poked her in the back the electricity entered Aiko and stopped her heart she fell to her knees then face first to the ground. The kitty ran to her and started licking her face. Aphrodite turned to the crowed and rose her ams in victory. The ref ran to her and announced that she was the winner. The kitty was licking her face and static was coming from her young into Aiko. The static healed Aiko and she woke up. But her heart wasn't pulsing. She then got up and ran toward Aphrodite from the back. She jumped and stabbed her in the top of the head. Aphrodite fell to the floor and the ref announced the new winner. Once it was announced her ugliness turned to beauty and she felt powerful. She then grabbed her cat and left as she left she found no floor and she fell to the ground and landed in a garden she landed in a bed of flowers, she then found herself here.
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PostSubject: Re: Inner evil   Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:25 pm

Nice bio. Approved.

What is this??? My power... It's overflowing...

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Inner evil
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