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 Yahiko von Kreiger

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Genin of the Angeli
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PostSubject: Yahiko von Kreiger   Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:09 pm

Name - Yahiko von Kreiger
Age - 21
Gender - Male
Race - Human
Village - The Darkness Village
Rank - Genin
Family - Toga von Kreiger(Father/Alive), Yuki Kugutsu(Mother/Deceased),

Likes - Women, Some Drugs, Winning, Chess, Fighting/Battles,
Dislikes - Most Canines, Some Drugs, Checkers,
Hobbies - Chess, Sleeping,
Rivals - None

Chakra Natures - None
Kekkei Genkai - University, Unknown
Energies - Psychic Energy, Kinetic Abilities


Yahiko von Kreiger was born in an area which was very similar to Edo-period Japan, fillied with samurai-like warriors and swordsmen. His family was full of intelligent people with strong minds due to the Psychic abilities most of the people acquired and because of the male founder's Kekkei Genkai; known as "University". The female founder passed down a certain seal that only appeared on a few Toga peoples. It was considered a curse if they weren't able to control it. He was born to von Kreiger and Yuki Kugutsu, father and mother respectively. His father is a master swordsman while his mother a respected scholar, both people who were recognized world-wide for what they did. Ever since he was little, Yahiko had a pretty good life though he would always train with a katana and with his Psychic abilities. When he reached the age of 15, men barged into his home. After a long a tedious battle, they captured Yahiko's dad. The put a letter on a table before leaving. When Yahiko and his mother Yuki came home, they read the letter. Soon after, the men came back. Trying to fight them off, Yahiko was left in an unconscious state. They raped and killed his mother, laughing all the while. A man entered the room and slaughtered the bastards, leaving no-one left. Introducing himself to Yahiko, he told him that he was there leader and if Yahiko were to listen to him, he'd release his father. During the several years of assassinating people for the man, Yahiko's anger grew to levels beyond comprehension. One night, he accidentally found his father and a few other prisoners. Letting them out, everyone except Yahiko and his pops left. Grabbing his sword, Yahiko and his father entered the Boss's room and started a battle. The battle literally went on for almost 2 days and in the end, Yahiko got a clean hit to the man's throat, killing him. They left the Yakuza area and traveled to a place known as the Darkness. Seemingly a good place, they settled down in the area. Shortly after, due to his bravery, his dad presented him a powerful weapon....Hibana. From there on, he made a new life for himself.

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Ravage Uchiha
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Drifting Sannin

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PostSubject: Re: Yahiko von Kreiger   Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:49 pm

Nice bio. Approved.

What is this??? My power... It's overflowing...

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Genin of the Angeli
Genin of the Angeli

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PostSubject: Re: Yahiko von Kreiger   Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:43 pm

(Updated and Finished)
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PostSubject: Re: Yahiko von Kreiger   

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Yahiko von Kreiger
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