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 Zakuzu von Krieger

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PostSubject: Zakuzu von Krieger   Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:42 pm

Name: Zakuzu von Krieger
Age: Apparent - 19 Actual - 3,000
Sex: Male
Race: Japanese/German Descent
Species: Vampire
Family: Yahiko von Krieger(Distant Relative/Cousin), Son/Unkown
Nicknames: Zaku, Zaku-dude, Z-man,

Clan: Kaguya
Vampiric Bloodline: Sage Blood
Village: None, Temporary Drifter
Rank: Depends

Chakra Nature: Lightning, Water, Light
Specialties: Close Combat, Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu
Kekkei Genkai: Shikotsumyaku - Manipulation of one's skeletal structure.


Zakuzu's earlier life is one he can't remember in much detail. While he was a youngster, his mother and father were both assassinated. The reasons of their deaths aren't exactly known but rumor says it was because they were head of the Kaguya and the Vampires, ruling like tyrants. Due to his parents being killed, he was raised by distant relatives, the latter having different Kekkei Genkai's and the such. He also has a vague memory of being with them, barely remembering Yahiko, a distant cousin. His new family feared that Zakuzu himself would be assassinated and because of that, they hired professionals to train Zakuzu. Day in and day out, he trained until he was strong enough, besting many ninja at that time. Though he was kinda proud of his strength and the fact that he'd probably live, he was unsatisfied. He was always kept in solitude, never let out of the safe house, unless absolutely necessary and accompanied by bodyguards. Getting extremely bored and slightly insane, Zakuzu left viciously beat anyone in his way, excluding certain someones, and escaped the the outer world, a place which was unknown to him. These actions of his may have led to the later capture of Yahiko's Dad and the death of his Mother. Living his life as a "nomad" and a freeloader, Zakuzu still retained his rank as the Vampire Lord, able to control them with ease. One day, which was hundreds of years after the previous incidents, Zakuzu fell from the sky, ending up in a battle between the Diamond Village and a group of hollows, including Shadow and previously Akane Kaguya. Using his basic knowledge, he took sides with the Diamond and tried to help defend them, his story beginning there.


Kaguya Clan - His family was a part of the clan known as the Kaguya. They were a brutal clan who took pride in there battle skills and loved to fight. Slowly over the years, many were less violent and much more civilized, yet they still loved to fight and were exceptionally strong. The Kekkei Genkai of the Clan allowed them to manipulate their bone structure with ease, even to the point where they can turn dust into a whole skeleton or create artificial bones. Theres not many Kaguya left, Zakuzu, his son, Kammy, and Akane are the few known Kaguya left.

Sage Blood - An ancient Vampiric Bloodline, this was the FIRST lineage of Vampires, which contained the first ever vampire. It was a rare bloodline that few awoken. The only known people in the universe with this blood are Zakuzu and his son, someone who may not even be alive. His immediate family were the only ones in the Kaguya clan to awaken this blood. Being apart of this bloodline made you a famous figure of high authority in the Vampire World and gave you such abilities where you could have the whole Vampiric Society under control, no matter the situation. Because of this Bloodline, he is unaffected by the normal Vampire weaknesses and his strength increases while he is in dark areas such as in a secluded building or at nighttime.


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PostSubject: Re: Zakuzu von Krieger   Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:15 pm

Approvedness. Dropped right into the middle of a war.
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Zakuzu von Krieger
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