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 Scarlet Thorn ch.1

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PostSubject: Scarlet Thorn ch.1   Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:37 pm

Episode 1: Distant Fates

"Itaaaaa!" The battle cry was followed by a big ogre like monster smashing into a wall, head embedding in the red rock. The source of the infliction of pain was a 20 year old beauty with long red hair. She wore a black sleeveless midriff jacket and a small red tank top under it, showing her quite large bust. Matching the jacket was a pair of black, skin tight leather pants. She stood in the middle of a large red rock cave, surrounded by now three ugly ogres.

"Is this the best any of you can do? This is why women are superior to men." The woman sighed shaking her head. The ogres got enraged and charged at her all at once.

"Take that back you harlot!" One of the monsters shouted and swung a large wooden club down at her. She simply leaped into the air, landing on the monsters head before kicking it in the back of the skull and propelling herself higher into the air. The monster stumbled forward, falling on top of another of its comrades.

"You brought this on yourselves, thinking you could take advantage of helpless girls." The woman smirked, indicating that she was supposed to be the helpless girl.

"Die you filthy witch!" The last ogre had snuck up behind her and was swinging its club around towards the woman. The woman held her hand out to the side, stopping the club mid-swing. She clenched the club hard, making it crack and splinter.

"Who are you calling…" She looked up at the monster, eyes glowing red. "A witch?" The woman jumped up and spun, leg bursting into flames. She smashed into the ogre with a flaming kick. The ogre slammed into a wall and the woman dashed towards the remaining two. She vamped as she got in front of them and appeared behind one. The woman spun again, slamming her flaming leg into the side of its head before dropping to the ground.

"I have you!" The last ogre shouted, holding its club high above its head. The woman smiled sadistically as the ogre brought down the wooden weapon hard. Instead of smashing the lady like he wanted, the weapon burst into piece as the woman jumped up towards him, right hand extended and surrounded in scarlet aura and flames. She grabbed the ogre by the face, seeming to float right in front of him.

"Hmhm." The woman giggled before she ignited the ogre into a large inferno, flames flowing from her extended hand. The ogre rolled back, hitting a wall, singed and smoking. The woman landed and dusted her hands. "Well, that was boring. But it did get me out of work."

"So that's your excuse!"

"Eep!" The woman froze on spot, eyes widening. Slowly turning around, she smiled awkwardly and scratched her head. "Heh…Nia…sis, what are you doing here?"

Standing at the entrance of the cave was the woman's sister, Nia. She wore the same top as her sister, only with a white tank top and a frilly black skirt. To top off the gothic lolita look, she had her light red hair in two long pig tails. Nia pouted, hands on her hips as she looked at her big sister.

"You said that you were going to work today! I figured it was just an excuse so you wouldn't be my geanie pig er, I mean volunteer!" Nia puffed her cheeks folding her arms in anger.

"How did you find me anyway?"

"Tracking device." Nia replied nonchalantly. The woman froze, a tick mark appearing on her head.

"I told you to stop putting bugs on me, dammit!" The woman ran towards her sister, who let out quick yelp before turning to dart away. However, she paused, spotting someone several yards ahead. Once the woman was outside, her gaze too instantly caught the person.

"My, my, Aria. Skipping work again I see. This just won't do." The person ahead of them was male, messy deep blue hair straddling his face and falling down to his shoulders. His eyes seemed to be closed, but on closer inspection, one could see that they were strangely narrowed. He also seemed to have a never ending grin. He wore a black suit and tie.

"Altin. What the hell are you doing out here?" The woman, identified as Aria, spat with contempt. The man raised his hands in mock surrender.

"Now now! I'm not here to fight or anything." His smile never left his face. Aria pulled Nia close, face set in a deadly glare.

"What do you want? Did master send you?" Aria asked. Altin frowned and scratched his neck.

"Yep. He says that if you're going to try to skip work, use a better excuse than you're going to the grocery store for seven hours."

Aria twitched and Nia grew a tick mark. She pushed away from her sister and produced a large paper fan from hammer space, smacking her sister in the head.

"You tell me you're going to work and that's the best lie you can come up with to get out of your job! You're a disappointment!" Nia called.

"I-I'm sorry! Men are stupid, I'd thought they'd buy it!" Aria cried, bowing before her sister.

"Oh, and one more thing." Altin called, halting the make shift beating. His sinister grin seemed to grow. "Boss said if you ever try to ditch out on work again," Altin licked his lips, showing a snake like tongue. "He will kill you himself."

Several Minutes Later…

Aria and Nia drove in a red top-less car in silence. The wind blew both girls hair in the wind as Aria looked intently towards the city from the freeway and Nia kept her eyes on the road, sending worried gazes toward her big sister. She sighed, seeing her sister wasn't in the mood for talking at the moment and turned on the radio.

"Hey all you demons and demettes! This is crazy Wolf Sid on the Underworld Afternoon show! We got a great show lined up for you today with the monster mash-up power hour! Up next is Angel Tears with their hit new single, Crucify my Heart! But first up, here's Claws with the weather!"

"Nyaa, thanks Sid! Today's weather is going to get a bit chilly here in the underworld, hitting a record low of 72 degrees! So grab your jackets all you monsters and get ready for the cold weather to be here for a few days! That's it for now; check back in on the hour for your weather update, nya nya!"

The song began to play and Nia frowned again.

"Hey…sis…" Nia began.

"It's alright. They won't kill me. They need me." Aria said without turning back to her sister.

"But don't do that again okay? I don't want you to get hurt!" Nia pleaded, tears in her eyes. Aria sighed and faced her little sister, smiling.

"Don't worry brat! I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I can't leave you alone with all these chauvinistic pigs running around!"

Nia sweat dropped. "Uh, sis, not all men are bad."

Aria scoffed. "That's what you think." Nia frowned and continued to drive. Several minutes later they pulled in front of their two-flat home. Aria gazed up at the sky, the reddish orange tint reflecting off her eyes.

'Life in the underworld…' She thought and went into the house with her sister.

"Hey sis, before you go to bed can you help me with an experiment?" Nia asked. Aria froze on spot.

"No! No way in hell! I'm not your little lab rat, okay? I still got bruises from the last experiment!" She called rubbing her butt. Nia pouted.

"No fair! You said if I got Nexus and Mesa leashes, you'd help me for a week!" Upon hearing their names, two bike sized wolf like creatures with flaming tails bounded into the room, rubbing up against Nia.

"I also said you had to wash those filthy beasts every day! Now get them out of here, they're burning the sofa!"

Nia looked down and squeaked, quickly putting out the fire. Aria turned to go to her room but Nia quickly grabbed her by the bottom of her jacket. Aria turned around to find her on her knees, hands together and to her chin. She was giving the best puppy dog look she could with Nexus and Mesa right next to her doing the same.

"Pweeeeeease?" Mesa and Nexus whined alongside Nia's pleading.

Aria held her head in frustration. "Whatever, but it better not be dangerous!"

"Yay!" Nia leapt up and the hellhounds began to happily play around the two. Nia began to push her sister towards her room.

Inside, Aria sat on a metal table in what appeared to be a mad science lab. Gadgets line the back wall and on a table were dozens of test tubes and liquids. Aria groaned again, looking around her sister's room.

'Why did I have to get the evil genius for a sister?'

Nia happily walked over to her sister and clicked a metal device around her waist. Aria looked down startled.

"Wait, what the hell is this?" Aria shouted.

"It's a power limiter! You're too strong for my machine, and I can't afford to get the parts to make a new one if you decide to destroy it…again."

"Power limiter? How does it work?" Aria asked, changing the subject and knowing that she still owed her sister for accidently blowing up one of her machines.

"It completely locks away your demonic power for 12 hours." Nia explained while putting on black gloves.

"Twelve hours? What the hell Nia, what if I get called in for a job?"

"It's the weekend, your off remember? Besides, it's the prototype, so who knows how long it's really going to last." Nia turned around and whispered to herself. "It may be more than 12 hours…"


"Aw, stop yelling! I can remove the device once the experiment is over anyway!"

Aria huffed, folding her arms. "What's this experiment anyway?"

"It's a replica experiment!" Nia called holding up a helmet with spark plugs and light bulbs.

"You're going to try to clone me? How many laws are you going to break before juvie just doesn't cut it anymore?" Aria dead panned.

Nia huffed and pushed the helmet down onto her sister's head, ignoring her cry of pain. She plopped down in a chair in front of a computer and began to type in inputs.

"Hey, is this going to hurt?" Aria asked. Nia got an evil look.

"I really hope so!" She called and clicked enter. Before Aria could reply, the helmet sent a shock down her spine.

"Ni…Nia! Turn it ooooofff!" She cried as the electricity began to spread around her in volts.

"Whoa! Is it working?" Nia asked watching. Suddenly, the bulbs on the helmet burst and sparks began to fly all over the room. Nia's eyes widened. "NO!" She cried and began trying to cancel the action. Sparks continued to fly about the room until finally converging around Aria. "SIS!"

"NIA!" The sparks began to lift Aria off the metal table until she finally disappeared in a flash of light.

Nia stared in shock at the empty air in front of her. She fell to her butt, as a light appeared where Aria had just been. It slowly spread, showing the view of a place with a blue sky and people.

"No way…Earth?" Looking at the table, Nia turned red. Aria's clothes lay scattered and smoking. "Uh oh…"

(Earth, Skyline High)

The bell rings as another period of class ends at Skyline High, a normal high school in a small city called Arclan. A teen, short brown hair combed towards the back, sighed and stood from his seat, heading towards the door of the room with his lunch in hand. Walking slowly with indifference past his fellow classmates, he headed to the roof of his school.

"Hey Sol! What took you?" One of his friends called sitting down several feet away. It was his friend Kazaky, and next to him was his girlfriend Miyoshi. Leaning against the fence by the two was their last friend Kenton.

Kazaky had spiky orange hair, died black at the tips while Miyoshi had neatly cut black hair and glasses. Kenton had long black hair pulled back into a ponytail and wore glasses as well.

"You really got to stop day dreaming Sol! You're gonna walk off a cliff one day if you're not paying attention." Miyoshi called with a giggle as he sat down with them.

"Yeah, you're right." He called with a small chuckle.

"Aw, leave the poor guy alone! He's just got a lot on his mind, right Sol?" Kazaky stated louder than necessary. "It's a girl isn't it?" He whispered to Sol.

"Wha-what?" Sol jumped, holding his hands up defensively and a blush on his face. "N-no way!"

"Heh heh, it's got to be! Check out that reaction!" Kazaky continued teasing.

"Sh-shut up!" Sol punched Kazaky playfully and turned away. He looked up at Kenton who had yet to say anything. "Hey, everything alright?"

"Today just feels…weird." He said while still looking at the sky. Sol frowned and looked up as well.

Back in class, Sol pulled out his journal, preparing to write another entry. It was a hobby of his that he had just started recently and felt that it helped ease his mind. He always started the same way, as if doing a narrative.

'My name is Sol Arcanza. I live in a normal city called Arclan and I go to a normal high school called Skyline. I live in a normal house with my normal working dad. My best friends are Kazaky, Miyoshi, and Kenton. There's nothing special about me. I don't have a female friend who's been in love with me ever since we were kids. That's Miyoshi and Kazaky's story. I'm not top of my class and trying to get into the best schools in the nation. That's Kenton's story. No. There's absolutely nothing special about me and my normal life…'

He stopped writing and frowned, looking out at the sky once more. 'Life in the real world…'

The bell rang, signaling the end of the day. Sol met his friends in front of the school.

"Hey we're heading into town for a bit, want to come?" Kazaky asked getting on his bike. Miyoshi climbed on behind him and Kenton was on his own.

"No, I'm not feeling too well. I'm just going to head home."

"Alright…if you're sure." Kazaky said scratching his neck.

"Don't stress yourself out Sol. Take it easy some times." Miyoshi said in a worried tone.

"Yeah, don't worry! I'm just tired is all."

With a wave, the small group separated. Sol began to head home. He stopped at a convenience store in the small shopping district that was on the way to his house. Inside the store he looked between pops, not knowing which one to decide on. After a while he sweat dropped.

"It's sad that the biggest problem of my life right now is what flavor of soda to drink."

He cracked open the can and took a swig as he walked out of the store. Two teenage boys ran by him quickly, almost making him choke.

"Come on, it's this way!" One of them shouted as they rounded a corner. Sol looked after them quizzically. Following after them in mild curiosity, Sol came to a scene that could only have come out of a manga.

"There she is!" The same boy shouted. Sol heard a cuss and then a naked woman with red hair dashed from behind a dumpster.

"Come on, she's getting away!" The two teens ran after the woman. Sol frowned as he saw two grown men running after the woman as well.

'Shit! These damn perverts, they're everywhere!' Aria thought as she dashed through alleyways to avoid her pursuers. She stopped behind another dumpster to catch her breath 'If it wasn't for this damn limiter…'

"Hey, she's over there!" A man shouted.

"Dammit, I'll kill you Nia!" Aria shouted and darted away again.


"Aachoo!" Nia sniffled and rubbed her eyes tiredly. She looked down at the helmet that she was working on closed a compartment on it, sighing in relief at being finished. She moaned. "Why do I get the feeling sis wants to kill me right now…"


Aria hid on the side of a building, panting from running for so long.

'Damn those humans!' She thought and closed her eyes. A shadow slowly crept up towards her. Suddenly a hand covered her mouth and she found herself pulled down. Aria's eyes widened in fear as she was thrown back into a memory.

She hit a wall and tears streamed down her cheeks. Aria was only 12. All she had on was a large white shirt. She looked up through teary eyes to see the shadow of a large man coming towards her.

Looking up, she saw deep blue eyes. Her eyes widened and she almost screamed out. However, the person she was looking up to held his fingers to his lips, in a silencing motion. He motioned to his left. Leaning up slowly, she looked past him to see the men whom had been chasing her.

"Follow me." Sol whispered and began to run. Aria hesitated, and flinched when she felt something on her. Looking at it, she saw it was the teen's school jacket.

'What the hell?' She thought completely confused at her situation now. The boy was motioning for her to follow.

"I found her! Over here!"

She grit her teeth and reluctantly ran after Sol.

"You better not be trying anything funny dammit!" She called as she ran next to him. Sol nodded.

"Don't worry." He called with a warm smile.

"Uh…" Aria blushed, turning from him angrily. They ran for several minutes, rounding corners and cutting through alleys.

"This way!" Sol called and grabbed her wrist, pulling her into a very small alleyway. They came out at a park. Sol pulled her to a tube-tunnel, sitting on the edge and looking out to see if the coast was clear. Aria inched away from him, pulling the jacket tight around her body. A few minutes later and he turned to face her.

"That was close!" He said giving the same warm smile he had before. Aria glared at him, trembling. "Are you alright? What was that all about?"

"What do you want from me?" She called out.


"You didn't just save me for nothing. You want my body in return right? All you men think alike!" She ran out the tunnel, leaving Sol stunned.


"Alright, that should do it!" Nia called as she strapped the helmet onto Nexus. Mesa had one on as well, scratching at it with her back paw. Nia tied Aria's clothes onto Nexus' back and stuck after letting both hellhounds get her sisters scent. "All you two have to do is find her and give her these clothes and transmitter. Don't cause too big of a scene okay?"

The hellhounds barked in acknowledgement. Typing in commands into her computer, she watched as the same sparking rift opened where the hellhounds had been.

"I really did it this time…" She said with a sigh.


Sol sighed in exasperation as he entered his home. He kicked his shoes off and trudged into the living room. Flopping down onto the couch he closed his eyes, hoping to take a nap. An image of Aria flashed into his mind.

'Who was she?' He wondered. Then he blushed slightly as he realized that some naked woman was running around the city in nothing but his school jacket. 'I guess this definitely counts as extraordinary.' He leaned up, preparing to write the day's events in his journal; however, he paused when he realized that he didn't have it. His eyes widened as he remembered that he had left his entire back pack at the park. He groaned as he got up and prepared to leave out the house again. When he reached the door, it opened.

"Sol! Where are you off to this late?" His father asked as he began removing his own jacket and shoes.

"Dad…I left my back pack over at the park. I'm just heading over there to get it and coming right back."

"Well, okay. But don't be out too late. I heard there's a weird flasher running around town."

Sol sweat dropped. "Yeah, I've heard." Suddenly his father put a hand on his shoulder.

"Son…you can talk to me, you know that right?"

"There's nothing wrong dad, honest! I'll be right back!"

As Sol left and closed the door, his father looked down.

'Am I wrong for trying to be a good father?'

(At the park…)

Sol groaned as he walked towards the park. It wasn't too far from his house but it was a nice distance. It would be completely dark by the time he got back home. As he reached the entrance to the park, a flash of him and Aria running towards the tube tunnels flashed into his mind.

'Stuff like that doesn't happen every day. Nobodies gonna believe this.'

Sol walked around the park, looking around and actually hoping to see the woman again. Not seeing or hearing any sign of her, he sighed and walked back over to the tube tunnel. Looking inside, he saw his back pack. With a smile he went in to grab it. However, a growling sound stopped him in his tracks. He turned around and his breath caught in his throat. Two very large wolves were eyeing him hungrily.

He didn't move, a shiver of fear running down his spine. Then the reality of the situation hit him.

"GYAA!" He screamed and began to run as fast as he could. The wolves bounded after him. He didn't make it to the park entrance as one of the wolves cut him off. Turning around to run the opposite direction, he was cut off by the other wolf. "Wha…what the hell is this?"

Having nowhere else to run, he closed his eyes waiting for death. The wolves ran at him and sunk their teeth into one of his arms and legs. He cried out in pain, head dropping as he almost lost consciousness.

"Nexus, Mesa, sit!" Aria yelled as she dropped down into the park. The hellhounds released Sol, letting him fall to the ground unable to move. Aria frowned at the mess of a boy. Then she looked at the growling animals. 'Shit, they've tasted human blood. This is not good, especially with this limiter still on…'

The two wolves' eyes began to turn pitch black. The fur on their tails and backs burst into flames. Aria narrowed her eyes and smiled.

"So the puppies want to play? Come on then!" The hellhounds flashed forward, their paws catching flame as well. As one jumped up at her, she rolled under it. The second lunged straight for her, but she jumped up, putting her foot on its head before kicking off of it. She rolled as she landed and began to run towards jungle gyms. She grabbed one of the bars and swung herself up as Nexus tried to bite her foot. Mesa jumped up onto the bars, bouncing off of them as it drew closer to Aria. Aria cursed as she saw the wolf picking up speed.

She reached the top of the jungle gyms at the same time as Mesa. Then Nexus landed behind her. She began to sweat, looking between the two animals.

"We should've put you down when we had the chance."

The two began to slowly move towards her, balancing on the bars with unreal grace. She inched her way back, coming to the edge of the bars. 'This is just great…' She thought. She reached the edge quicker than she had expected, taking her eyes off of the hellhounds only for a split second. Then they both lunged, knocking her off of the jungle gym. Nexus accidently destroyed the limiter that she was wearing. As Aria hadn't realized it yet, she closed her eyes, waiting to hit the ground hard. Instead, Sol caught her, time seeming to slow as his jacket bellowed off of Aria's body. Almost instantly after catching her, he dropped to his knees, setting her down gently before falling down himself, taking heavy breaths.

'Idiot! Why did he save me if he's hurt so badly?' She began to wonder, however, Nexus and Mesa landed on either sides of her. 'Shit…'

Her eyes widened as she realized that she was no longer wearing her limiter. Then her surprise quickly turned to mirth as she looked at the two in front of her. She jumped back, back flipping in the air as she did. Her lithe form shadowed in front of the moon, showing her silky hair flowing smoothly around her. She landed without a hitch several meters away. The hellhounds instantly rushed in towards her.

"I said…" She rose her right leg high above her head. It erupted into flames. Nexus and Mesa were right in front of her. "SIT!" She swung her leg down, smashing the ground and causing a small explosion to send the two dogs soaring back away from her. The flames that covered them receded and the two slowly stood up, whimpering. "Back to your senses now?"

The two animals sulked over to Aria with their heads down. She petted them, grabbing the clothes from them and dressing quickly. Afterwards she walked over to Sol, who was laying on his back and staring up at the sky.

"You pathetic little human." Aria sighed. Then she saw the wounds on his arms and legs begin to heal. Her eyes widened at the turnout. 'What the hell? How is that possible?' As the wounds finished healing, Sol's breathing evened.

"Ow…" He groaned and tried to lean up. Aria sighed and offered a hand towards him.

"Come on…" She said reluctantly. Sol glanced at her hand, surprised. She helped him up and put an arm around her shoulder.

"Thank you…" He mumbled tiredly.

"Shut up. I'm just gonna take you home so you dying won't be on my conscious."

Sol chuckled. "Thanks…for saving me…"

Aria blushed slightly and looked away in annoyance. "Idiot."
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PostSubject: Re: Scarlet Thorn ch.1   Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:47 pm

Wow, this was really cool. I like Aria the best, and her little sister was funny to read too. When are you going to post the next chapter? ^.^
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PostSubject: Re: Scarlet Thorn ch.1   Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:08 pm

I think you should bring Aria here. I would love to see her in some action.

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Scarlet Thorn ch.1
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