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 Liha Faxest: The Amazoness of Ysthua-zatit

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Liha Faxest
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PostSubject: Liha Faxest: The Amazoness of Ysthua-zatit   Tue Oct 18, 2011 7:26 pm

Name: Liha Faxest
Age: 27
Race: Amazoness of the Ysthua-zatit tribe.
Village: Diamond.
Personality: Peaceful on the surface, but unfriendly underneath.
Kekki Genkai: Amazon Pride/Bestiary Wraith
Bio: In the jungles hidden within the midst realms of Mylania, there lived an Amazon Tribe known as the Ysthua-zatit. The tribe was unknown to the modern world due to being strayed away from the advancements of technology because of their traditions and sacred grounds. Only those who were deemed loyal to gain the wisdom from their god, Pha-st, along with the true wisdom of nature and spirits are allowed to venture out into the modern world to embark on their quest to learn more about the outer world from their sacred grounds. Liha, one of the proud warriors of the tribe, is greatly acknowledged not only by her battles and tactics against the other tribes, but also the abilities to greatly befriend nature and its natural inhabitants that live throughout it. One night, on the ceremonial feast, the tribe celebrated on their victory against the Igysatis Tribe. The chief elder spoke out to the tribal village and announced that he had a vision where Pha-st has chosen another one of his children to venture out into outer world to explore the forbidden lands. The entire tribe would chant mystical words in their natural tongue as the circle began to glow brighter. Suddenly, the light coming from the circle would completely glow all over Liha. The tribe gasped and suddenly went silent from the outcome of it. It was quite a complete surprise that a common amazoness warrior would be chosen. The chief elder called out for Liha and told her that she was chosen by the god. Usually, shamans and priests were allowed to explore the outer lands by Pha-st’s will. However, this was a first for the tribe. The chief elder spoke to Liha with sincere and passionate tone of voice.

Chief Elder: “Liha, you have been chosen by Pha-st in his will to expand your knowledge. However, you will not be able to return until you find God’s will of wisdom and grant it down upon us.”
Liha would just nod in agreement, knowing that it’s her destiny to follow the will of Pha-st and see the world for what it is now. The chief elder would groan with sincerity once more and place his hand on her head, chanting a ritual of passing which is known as “The Child of Stars”. Hymming the words of the ritual as she stands there with her eyes closed while the ritual takes place. Her body suddenly began to feel warm and calm as if Mother Nature was embracing her entire body and Pha-st was taking her to the afterlife to become closer to him. The ritual came to a complete stop and the chief elder turned around to the Tribe and spoke.
Chief Elder: “We shall celebrate for our fellow amazoness tonight as she will be going on a quest for our tribe.”

The entire tribe would rally and cheer in excitement for it all and continued to celebrate the night. Each member would give her a gift in accommodation for the ritual and being chosen.
The next day, Liha would prepare herself for the journey she was about to embark. The entire Ysthua-zatit tribe would wait for her around the center of the village and near the ancient gateway of teleportation. They would give out their best wishes and regards to her as the chief elder would bless her with the will of Pha-st, Mother Nature, and the Ysthua-zatit tribe. He would also give out one of the sacred necklaces of the Ysthua-zatit tribe, “The Necklace of Ehasthala”. Liha would kneel in front of the chief elder as he placed it around her neck, getting back up as the elder spoke.
Chief Elder: “May Pha-st and the spirits of nature guide you into harmony and peace, Liha. Now go venture out into the forbidden world.”
Liha would nod and give out the Ysthua-zatit traditional cry. It roars fiercely like a dragon hunting down the prey that dare attack its young breed, yet with soothe of a chorus hymm blessing the environment with the healings of Mother Nature. She looked around the tribe and back to the elder.
“I shall do my best for our tribe, Great Elder!”
The village elder would let out a light smile from her sincerity and pride for the tribe. Everyone would rally her in excitement and support with the traditional cry of the tribe. Liha began walking towards the ancient gateway which would open up a portal to the outside world. Turns once more to her fellow amazon and amazoness warriors. The light would shine brightly from where she stands as she walks into the portal, being traveled outside from her village into the second connection of where the other ancient gateway was. She would appear in the midst forests of Mylania as she began to move forward into the new territory.
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The Sentient Gateway

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PostSubject: Re: Liha Faxest: The Amazoness of Ysthua-zatit   Tue Oct 18, 2011 7:47 pm

A great bio and compelling story. Marvelous. Approved.
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Ravage Uchiha
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Drifting Sannin

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PostSubject: Re: Liha Faxest: The Amazoness of Ysthua-zatit   Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:12 pm

I love this bio.

What is this??? My power... It's overflowing...

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PostSubject: Re: Liha Faxest: The Amazoness of Ysthua-zatit   

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Liha Faxest: The Amazoness of Ysthua-zatit
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