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 The Gintama stomp

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Gintama Simonova
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PostSubject: The Gintama stomp   Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:35 pm

Kekkei Genkai: Battle Fade/ Batte Lust or Branch of Sin

Battle Fade: Gintama's movements become much more quicker than normal. His hair begins to grow and his flexibility is increased. Gintama becomes serious and his electric chakra becomes far more potent. He becomes able to utilize his riot attacks in this form. Can only use two riot attacks in a battle as a genin.

Battle Lust/Branch of Sin: The sadistic side of Gintama awakens when he takes a certain amount of damage. His movements become quicker and his physical strength grows. He loses the ability to use electric chakra, but gains the ability to manipulate his own blood as weapons and attacks.

Lightning Dash: Cloaks self in coating of electricity and performs a high speed rush to attack the opponent.

Lightning Javeline: Forms a bolt of electricity and hurls it at the opponent.

Heavenly Spin Lightning Drill: Somewhat like the Hyuga's Heavenly Rotation, Gintama uses lightning to spin at a fast rate, creating a lightning vortex around his body. He darts at his opponent while spinning and is unaffected by weak jutsu, explosions, fire, ice, water, and electricity but only while he is spinning. Can only sustain it for several seconds at a time.

EMP Field: Creates a electro magnetic pulse force field over the entire battle field. The opponent is slowed in static, and all electronic attacks and equipment either fail or are destroyed when this jutsu is activated.

Solar Magnetism Manipulation: Uses static to manipulate solar energy and create genjutsu's that cannot be dispelled by normal means. When used on himself, he cannot be detected by sense energy.

Raikiri burst: Attempts to perform the Raikiri attack, but fails and causes the attack burst in front of him. Does electric damage to both him and his opponent.

Chidori: 1000 birds technique, The base form of the Raikiri. User coats hand in electric chakra and uses momentum to thrust the attack into the opponent.

Feathers of the Thunder Bird: User attacks while sending small burst of electricity out with each blow.

Thunder Riot-Ligtning Serpents Dirge: User speeds around the battle field, hitting one enemy or multiple enemies with a stream of electricty that expands into a field of sparks on command.

Thunder Riot-Talons of the Thunder Bird: User unleashes axe kicks while seeming to move with lightning bolts as they hit the ground. (Expends a heavy amount of chakra.)

Thunder Riot-Compulsive Volt Restriction A: User begins charging power for one post. Then on the next post, unleashes a concentrated beam of electricty that can send the opponent flying far away and magnetize them. (Expends a large amount of chakra)

Thunder Riot-Compulsive Volt Restriction B: User begins charging power for two post. On the third post, unleashes an explosive wave of electricity that can hurt the foe and paralyse them for one post. (Expends a heavy amount of chakra.)

Blood link: User creates a chain of blood as a weapon.

Bloody Shell: User forms a half shell of blood in front of them or above them to block attacks.

Bloody Talons: User rakes the opponent with a vicios slash as blood coats their hands like claws.

Dead Spike: User makes their own blood erupt from cuts on their body in the form of long spikes.

Tama Gun: Creates a ball of blood enfused with chakra and launches it at the opponent.

Dreadful Dance: User rushes the opponent and attacks as their blood acts as small needles.

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Ravage Uchiha
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Drifting Sannin

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PostSubject: Re: The Gintama stomp   Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:07 pm

Cool. As long as you know these moves will have a heavy drain on your chakra pool, this list is approved. You seem to have gotten that message so thumbs up.

What is this??? My power... It's overflowing...

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The Gintama stomp
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