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 The Amazoness Abilities

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Liha Faxest
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PostSubject: The Amazoness Abilities   Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:34 am

Kekki Genkai

Amazonia Pride:
Don't take an amazoness pride too lightly now. An Amazonian's pride is truely seen in their adaptable abilities in battle and around their environments with much caution and precision. Their ability to adapt into using a vast amount of weapons at ease along with hand-to-hand combat when no weapons are available to them are enhanced from much training and battles against other tribes. Thus, heightening their abilities into the fight until the goal is achieved. Liha, being an amazoness warrior, is no exception to this rule. She can easily adapt into the environment and use it towards her advantage in a situation or a battle. In addition, her abilities (strength, speed, and defence,) are heightened. Liha is also quite a wild spirit that is hard to tame unless you're part of her tribe or an ally tribe.

Bestialy Heart/Wraith of Nature's Aspect:
After many years of being one with Mother Nature, Liha has the ability to harness and tap into the mind, body, and souls of not only the inhabitants that strive from nature itself, but also the enviroments that speaks out to the world that is attached to it. This makes her befriend even the most wildest of inhabitants of nature by understanding their true feelings through the cries, movements, seasons, souls, and reactions. Likewise, from befriending nature, she can also tap the hidden potentials that lies deep within the inhabitant or the enviroment. They can vary from using the inhabitants to aid her in battl, to transforming into one of the inhabitants, aiding the environment to rebuild itself into what i once was, or healing herself with just the natural healing capabilities that it hides from within. Nature may be friendly, yet it can be a fierce enemy as well.

Mark of the Notekru:
This is still a mystery untold to Liha. It's the symbols of tattoo markings all around her body that represents her tribe. The left side is completely marked up in symbols which also represents the darkness of human nature. The right side represents the purity of human nature as it only shows her pure mocha-toned skin. However, there is hidden energy locked within the markings that the Chief Elder didn't tell her as it was foretold to unleash terrible power and corrupt the soul of the person. The only thing that Liha knows is that it allows her to control the light and darkness elements within her.




Primal Surge:
Liha taps into the natural purity of nature, channeling into the environment to allow her to heal any wounds and damages that she may have taken. However, any serious wounds won't be healed that easily, but reducing the pain for her to fight even longer. She can only use this a few times to gain full healing as it will began to deplete completely into healing only an extremely tiny amount.

Using her shield, Liha quickly dashes towards the enemy and striking them with her shield. The shield will be enchanted with light/dark elements along with the energy from the sun/moon to not only hit her target hard, but also stunning them along the process and blinding them with a bright light/complete darkness from the hit in addition of leaving a sun/moon mark on them.

Cry of Ysthua-zatit:
Liha would yell out her traditional cry of the tribe, granting her a slight boost of strength and speed for a short amount of time. (About 1-2 of her post)

Solar Flare/Darkness Requiem:
Liha would begin to channel into her light/dark element for a moment and shoots out a beam of solar energy/moonlight energy from the sky down to the opponent. If the opponent makes contact of the beam in any way, they're marked with the light of the sun/moon for a while. The marks allows Liha to easily hunt and strike down her prey with much precision and aim for any vital points of the target.

Ancestral Attack of the Seekers:
After going into a state of channeling, Liha would begin to strike the opponent with a flurry of slashes from her daggers which would damage the opponent critically. If they we're marked with a sun/moon symbol, then this move will be quite difficult to avoid.


Bestial Transformations


Liha's very first transformation that she have been born with from her tribe. The Raven transformation grants her the ability of flight and use ally ravens to aid her in battle. The ravens can be used from pecking the opponent as groups to disrupt the enemy and blind them momentarily, into transforming into a weapon of her choice. In addition, she can form out large raven wings and swoosh toawrds the opponent with massive speeds and winds blowing with her to damage the opponent greatly and send them flying away with the gusty current. She can only hold onto this form for a limited time, however.

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Ravage Uchiha
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Drifting Sannin

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PostSubject: Re: The Amazoness Abilities   Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:16 am

You seem to know your limits. Approved.

What is this??? My power... It's overflowing...

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The Amazoness Abilities
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