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 Blaze's Skill list [Updated]

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Ravage Uchiha
Drifting Sannin
Drifting Sannin
Ravage Uchiha

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PostSubject: Blaze's Skill list [Updated]   Wed Apr 13, 2011 3:25 am

Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan

Ravage has achieved the mangekyo sharingan. This was achieved the night Kammy Kaguya died. Ravage has barely used this because he doesn't exactly see it fit for his fighting styles.

1st Tomaoe: It is most famous in the its ability to memorize and replicate any other jutsu it has seen, allowing the user to use an opponent's jutsu against them.

2nd Tomaoe: Second ability grants the user with almost perfect clarity of perception, allowing them to track and subsequently predict the actions of moving objects. This also allows the user to easily recognize genjutsu and different forms of chakra and either cancel out the genjutsu or reverse it on the user.

3rd Tomaoe: Its final and lesser-seen ability is a brand of hypnosis that suggests actions and thoughts to the opponent that, when coupled with the Sharingan's other abilities, gives the illusion of predicting the future. The hypnosis can double as way to produce genjutsu or relaying memories to someone(think jedi mind trick). Another ability is being able to surpress an overcoming force that the opponent might have( i.e. a tailed beast)

Fierce Sharingan: This state can only be achieved once Blaze's eyes have practically taken enough damage to where the world in his eyes is hazy. His eyes close and then open. Instantly, black fire ignites the area around them. If the sun is up, the fire continually combusts and expands, ravaging the area burning everything at a fast pace. This all continues until he closes his eyes again.

Blaze release
Ravage has achieved this first state with the help of his two salamanders. With their help, he was able to combine his two chakra natures making this said blaze release. In this form, Ravage is said to be able to create black fire which are the known ingredient of his Jutsu. This fire is said to be hotter than the heat of the sun. When in his first blaze released state, his body begins to sprout silver flames. These flames act as a sort of solid based barrier between something on the outside of his presence and on the inside. It is very hard to get through from being so hot, though his physical appearance (clothing, skin, etc) are all fine.

His second blaze released state is very deadly. It is said that his speed and strength are increased drastically from entering this mode. The blaze release state also trigger a perk within his eyesight. His eyes are able to see everything within a slow pace. In this 2ndform released state, the flames that were once silvery, turn jet black. These flames are hotter than anything imaginable and should not be taken lightly.

Ravage is a very skilled manipulator of fire and lightning. He wields their power as if they are his weapons. He has trained and trained until he finally found a way to use his flames as actual spirits which aim to do all they can for Ravage.

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Ravage Uchiha
Drifting Sannin
Drifting Sannin
Ravage Uchiha

Cool points : 12

Dark Brand: S-Ranked Explosive brand
Dying Will Flame: Ex-Weilder
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PostSubject: Re: Blaze's Skill list [Updated]   Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:39 pm

[Edited... Scratched off ocular abilities as I have given up my eyes for ordinary ones.]

What is this??? My power... It's overflowing...

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Blaze's Skill list [Updated]
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