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 The Vault's Supply List

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PostSubject: The Vault's Supply List   Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:03 pm

Katon: Meteor Rain: An A-ranked jutsu. Allows the user to fire off medium sized flaming comets over a large area. -20000 yen.

Katon: Phoenix Pillar: An A-ranked jutsu, created by the Phoenix Clan. The user makes a pillar of fire surround themselves and allies, healing moderate physical injuries and blocking any jutsu lower than S rank. No ice jutsu can be used while this move is active. -25000 yen

(Rare) Shoton: Cystal Gear: An S-Ranked jutsu. Allows the user to constantly form crystal spikes around them instantaneously, giving the opponent little to no time to react. Crystals shatter after two post, dealing damage to the opponent from even far away. -50000 yen.

(Rare) Fuuton: Rasengan Flail: An SS-ranked jutsu. Allows the user to utilize natural chakra to form a rasenshuriken sized rasengan. The user throws the attack, where it expands into a large orb and sucks in anyone from 200 meters away or less, except for the user. Anything caught in the blast is reduced to nothing. -100000 yen.

(Rare) Suiton: Torrential Tidal Wave: An A-ranked jutsu. Allows the user to call forth a tidal wave that completely swamps the area for five post. The water is inescapable and drains the opponents chakra as long as they are wet by it. -74000 yen.

Raiton: Chidori: A B-ranked jutsu. Allows the user to perform the assassination technique chidori. -25000 yen.

Doton: Earth Clone: A C-ranked jutsu. Allows user to make earth clones of themselves that covers the opponent in mud when dispelled. -12500 yen.

Katon: Earthern Fire: A B-ranked jutsu. A small flare ignites the opponent on fire for three post if they are covered in mud, and five post if they are covered in oil. -15000 yen.

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The Vault's Supply List
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