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 Magnus Trance

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Espionage (Genin) Shinobi : Dominacion Mortelle
Espionage (Genin) Shinobi : Dominacion Mortelle

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PostSubject: Magnus Trance   Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:43 pm

Kekkei Genkai: Magnus Trance (plus Distortion and Astral): Allows Vermillion to use pure chakra to battle and gives her complete control of the form it can take. She can use her chakra as a barrier, armor, platform, bullets etc. She can also use her chakra to create her own gravitational field, allowing her to maneuver in mid-air. Because of her suppressors, being her Magnus weapons, she doesn't expend as much chakra while using any of her Magnus Trance forms as one would think. However, she cannot us any elements what so ever because of her kekkei genkai. Because this is a trance form, she has no real conscious thought so invading her mind is impossible.

Magnus Trance Distortion: Her chakra forms a cybernetic armor around her body and turns her Magnus Guns into six gun blades around her body. Her chakra usage expands to be able to create temporal gravitational fields over large distances. Also gains usage of her distortion drive abilities. A dice roll is used to determine the length she can remain in this form.


Genin/Chunin: Two dice rolls. Can only take the form once per battle.

Sp. Jonin/Higher: At will.

Magnus Trance Astral: Her chakra forms less armor, however turns her Zero Guns into a large cannon blade that she can control with her mind. Gains use of dimensional portals (not as a genin) but can only sustain one at a time until trained. Gains use of her Astral drive abilities, as well as the ability to create temporal gravitational fields. A dice roll is used to determine the length she can stay in this form.


Genin/Chunin: One dice roll. Can only take the form once per battle.

Sp. Jonin: Two dice rolls. Can only take the form once per battle. Allowed an additional dice roll if the first total falls below 4.

Jonin/Higher: At will.

Chakra Natures: None elemental. She uses her chakra to make sure her muscles don't rip apart when using her super strength. She can create quick chakra shells around herself that only last for the duration of the attack she is blocking. Can use her chakra to battle outside of using her guns, usually making them take the form of giant fist or blades as she battles.

Utter Silence: An ability unique to Vermillion due to her kekkei genkai. Vermillion can completely hide her being, making no means of detection from any level able to detect her, be it through her chakra, her soul, ki, etc. As a genin and chunin, she can't move while doing this however.


Vorpal Blades: Can change the chakra rounds she fires into small chakra daggers that can pierce through chakra barriers. Also can continue through attacks such as fireballs, water dragons, lightning strikes, explosions, etc.

Gravity Revolver: Creates a gravitational field to create a series of close range chakra bullet burst around her body.

Burst Expand: All of Aliyah's weapons can be charged to create a more powerful shot. The shots will also be bigger, able to cover a large range for defensive means as well. Will be able to consecutively fire burst expands when she ranks up.

Mortar Fireworks: With Magnus Gun Machine Cannon, fires rapid burst of large chakra rounds into the air that burst and rains smaller explosive rounds of chakra around the area.

Heat Target: Uses her revolvers to create a seal of chakra that emits it sown heat on the target. With this, even if the opponent lowers their body temperature, Magnus Gun Heat Seeker can still track the opponent by the seal.

Air Ride: Uses her chakra as a blade around her body to cut through wind resistance, allowing her to move as fast as possible for her rank.

Unhindered Soul: Allows Vermillion to circulate her chakra three times faster than a normal shinobi, allowing for faster reaction time, speed, healing, and curative abilities from poisons and other ailments. Uses a decent amount of chakra, even with her chakra pool and control.

Bullet Dance-Reckoning: While using Air Ride, unleashes a dazzling display of time lagged shots meant to cause ocular damage if seen at close range (blinding the foe for a post or so) as well as dealing a stacking amount of damage.

Bullet Dance-Blood Bath: An extremely fast attack that creates pockets of gravitational fields and uses powerful chakra shots to burst them about the field. If an opponent is caught near one of the burst, they can either be imploded, exploded, or torn limb from limb. Attack grows constantly faster.

Vista Shift: Even when in the middle of an attack, Vermillion can shift her guns in the blink of an eye.

Distortion-Thousand Lancet: Uses all six blades to continuously jab into the opponent from every direction constantly while creating a temporal gravitational field under the opponent.

Distortion-Rising Mines: Sends all six blades into the ground. Then fires chakra burst upwards from the ground when the opponent nears them, followed by the blade itself coming up to slash the opponent.

Distortion-Vorpal Cannon: With all six blades, fires continuous chakra shots that she can control with her mind.

Astral-Crystallius: Creates several small chakra crystals in the air that can act as sensors for Vermillion.

Astral-Crystallius Eradication: When firing her blade, can use the crystals to redirect the shots to each other and towards the opponent.

Astral-Judgment Wave: Charges her blade for one post and then fires an astonishingly powerful beam of one direction. Can break through chakra barriers and has a gravitational pull that draws the enemy into the blast should they try to escape. Ends the form immediately, regardless of time she has left in the form.

Taijutsu: Vermillion's fighting style is a self made taijutsu that uses her chakra and super strength to battle, instead of her guns. The most useful from of this is the 6-armed Shiva fighting style.

Gigants Paw: Vermillion fights with a cloak of chakra around her body. The chakra acts as a sensory shell, the further it is expanded from her body, anything entering into the field from any direction can be detected by her. Her offensive style is to use her chakra as two giant chakra fist, a giant hammer, and incorporate her own super strength into the mix. This is her slowest fighting style since she can't use air ride while using it.

Rose Wave: This fighting style makes a smaller cloak around Vermillion, in which it doesn't act as a sensory film. She is able to use air ride during this form, but not when attacking. Her offensive style is to create several tendrils of chakra for piercing, binding, and maneuvering.

6-armed Shiva: Vermillion's fastest fighting style allows her to make six chakra blades, two in each hand and four connected to her back via chakra tendrils. She can use air ride while performing this fighting style, making it extremely dangerous. The chakra tendrils can stretch the sword out for long distance attacks and the chakra swords can take any shape or size.

Passive Traits: With most of her abilities not being jutsu, and since she can't learn elements, Vermillion has become almost a master at close range fighting, though she uses guns. She also has unbelievable physical strength in both her arms and legs due to wielding Magnus Gun Machine Cannon. Finally, her chakra is so potent and altered that it cannot be absorbed or drained by any means.


Queen of the Damned: Vermillion has inherited the powers of the Queen of Vampires. However, not all of the abilities and weaknesses have been unlocked yet as the power is still setting into her system.

Vampiric Abilities

Enhanced Strength and Defense: Vermillion's already enormous strength is now almost godlike. Her defense has also grown.

Sound Manipulation: Vermillion can control all forms of sounds, making a whisper into the sound of an explosion or making an explosion the sound of a whisper. She can constantly repeat a sound through its vibrations once it's started or she can manipulate the sound over the entire area to make everything go utterly silent, allowing nothing to be heard at all. Coupled with her sound wave manipulation, she can prevent sound from moving at all, not only making it not heard, but preventing it all together.

Sound manipulation-Super Sonic elation: Allows Vermillion to emit a super sonic sound wave that is so high pitched it can make the opponent go deaf at full power. If not, the sound brings them to their knees and destroys the physical shape of jutsu used. Can be used as a quick burst to deflect projectiles. As a genin can only be used while standing still.

Sound manipulation-Sound Wave movement: Allows Vermillion to travel on sound waves. The louder the sound, the faster she travels.

Telepathy: For now, allows Vermillion to speak to others through their minds, however, she cannot read their minds.

Regeneration: Vermillion's body can regenerate her flesh from wounds that don't do fatal damage. As she grows stronger, so does this ability which will be able to even regenerate severed limbs over a long period of time and at the price of a lot of chakra.

Full Untaint: Vermillion can nullify all traces of effects within blood, meaning she could even drink the most tainted and poisoned blood as if there were nothing wrong with it. This allows her to completely erase the effect of chakra within blood as well, meaning no blood she ingests can be used against her.

Life Code Manipulation: Vermillion is able to hear the sound of the life code, the code that makes up all physical properties of existence. She is able to modify all forms of the life code into anything she wants but is more predominant with machinery and weapons.

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Shadow Uchiha
The Dark King of Elysium
The Dark King of Elysium

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PostSubject: Re: Magnus Trance   Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:13 pm

Dear RPer,

You are stacking your Genin to a Gerry high bar. One of your so called armor moves will take up 95% of your chakra pool. As you know, Genin rank Shinobi are limited to a certian amount of chakra. You are surpassing that amount. I read the first five lines of your Jutsu list and stopped in my tracks. Please make your character less..."Chakra Consuming"...and then post again and I'll give your Character a good thumbs up.

Shadow Uchiha

...Tell Me...What Do You See..?

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Espionage (Genin) Shinobi : Dominacion Mortelle
Espionage (Genin) Shinobi : Dominacion Mortelle

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PostSubject: Re: Magnus Trance   Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:16 pm

-_- Okay, really? No one actually reads what I write anymore do they? She is a chakra savvy person. She can't use any elements AT ALL. Even worse is that she isn't very good with actual jutsu which is why everything she does is part of her kekkei genkai instead of being actual jutsu. She has a high chakra pool and chakra control because that's all she can do. Her forms don't consume as much chakra as you're saying because of those reasons, plus they are a suppressors. At the cost of not being able to use elements and many jutsu, she has a ton of chakra, even when using those trance forms.
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Shadow Uchiha
The Dark King of Elysium
The Dark King of Elysium

Cool points : -1
Job/hobbies : Father, Leader

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Dying Will Flame: Unobtained
Soul Count: 666

PostSubject: Re: Magnus Trance   Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:20 pm

Just please don't go overboard because we already have too many loose cannons on this site. ((lol my character)) but just try not to go crazy with the "Kekki Genkai" stuff.

...Tell Me...What Do You See..?

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PostSubject: Re: Magnus Trance   

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Magnus Trance
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