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 Watari vs Bradley

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PostSubject: Watari vs Bradley    Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:04 pm


"Shinigami vs. Wrath"
"Reaper of the Sand vs. Ghost of War"
"Angel of Death vs. Ultimate Eye"

He was a 69-year old elder man, a veteran of the old fighting days. Now he was being sent on active duty to take out the ANBU Commander of another village, to reclaim his title as Sunagakure's "Shinigami". Watari sighed, for he feared that his old body has aged beyond battle condition. "My, my... what a mess they've dragged me into this time.." Watari said to himself...

It was right along the borders of the village did he encounter Bradley. he was an aged man like himself, but was muscular and still had a physical stature. Watari himself was not as imposing. He wielded several swords, which todl him that he was a Kenjutsu specialist much like himself. "You must be the agent sent by them. Very well then, I shall show you why I am called the 'Ultimate Eye'" He revealed his Sharingan hidden through his eyepatch, a modified doujutsu that had heightened perception abilities. "And now I shall show you why I am referred to as 'Wrath" With a double-handed strike of his sword he brought it down and a building-sized area of the border wall collapsed. "Ferocious now are we?" Watari said as he had already figured out the mechanics of Bradley's strength. Chakra had pushed through his arms and to his swords, amplifying power. Bradley rushed at him with impressive Shunshin-enhanced speed. Clearly this man was the most agile soldier from his village; however, it was not so fast that a retired Watari in old age cannot react to. Setting up his wires, he had them encircle Bradley. However, Bradley, using the power of his Sharingan, could perceive the wire's movement and he was able to use his speed to dodge the strings from the Hand of the Shinigami. The chakra running through the wires made it easy for them to be detected. Bradley got close and drew one of his swords, swinging it rapidly at Watari. Watari erected Subjugate, and was able to form a chakra-laden barrier that blocked the chakra-enhanced sword attack. He then switched his wires over to restriction arms now that Bradley was caught with his pants down, and bound one arm and one leg. In one fell swoop, that arm and leg was severed off.

Bradley grunted as he fell over, but then stabbed the ground with a drawn sword to stop himself from falling. Age was catching up to him, but he could still fight. Bursting off from his leg, he darted towards Watari and swung his sword. "You need a bit more control. Otherwise, I have to take out the trash". Compressing all of his wire into one monoolecular string, he sliced Bradley's sword in half and himself in half as well. 'Wrath' was split into two, and the old veteran fell in battle, dead and taken by the God of Death.

"I feel I'm not as spry as I used to be.... otherwise I would have taken him out ten seconds sooner..." Watari mumbled to himself as he walked away. He reflected upon his youthful teenage days - where he learned with Shadow Uchiha, his adult days where he gained tremendous power and battled numerous enemies, to the present day where he was retired and old, waiting for death himself to claim him. All those days spent in this wonderful village. All those years have passed. No matter how much time passes, what time betrays, time can give.
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Watari vs Bradley
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