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 Ken's Jutsu List [Updated] [Revamped]

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PostSubject: Ken's Jutsu List [Updated] [Revamped]   Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:44 am

Chakra Nature: Earth and Fire

Kekkei Genkai: Kikaichū

The kikaichū (Kikai) are a species of small, beetle-like insects that are bred and utilised exclusively by the Aburame clan, forming the basis for all of their unique techniques.

Members of the Aburame clan actually live in symbiosis with the kikaichū through the Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique: the Aburame, shortly after birth, allows the kikaichū to nest and breed inside their bodies and feed off of their chakra, and in return, the host ninja receives the life-long ability to control and command the bugs, using them as their primary fighting technique.

The most common use of the kikachū in combat is to silently ambush an opponent and drain them of their chakra before they notice the bugs at work. This process can leave the victim with so little chakra that they are unable to move or fight back. Other uses include simply tracking down a target, serving as a protective shield and as a prison to hold and detain a target in place.

A female bug can be left on a target and then they can be tracked by smell, or scout bugs can be sent out and return to tell the host information about the area. Aburame members can also use their bugs to pull poison out of the body of other people; the bugs themselves are seemingly immune to poison. Thanks to the kikaichū, Aburame clan members are experts in espionage and search-and-seizure missions. They can also be used in great numbers to jam chakra signals, interfering with the abilities of sensor type shinobi.

Since the kikaichū only have a lifespan of a few hours, they are expendable in combat. To maintain their numbers they are constantly reproducing within their host. If large numbers of the kikaichū should be wiped out, then Secret Technique: Insect Cocoon can be used to rapidly breed a whole new generation of the kikaichū, repopulating their numbers.

In the anime, the kikaichū are revealed to be unaffected by genjutsu because of their simple nervous systems. Later, kikaichū are shown to sometimes possess mutations that make them better equipped for a battle. The host can then cultivate these specific bugs to increase their numbers, improving the swarms' overall survival rate should the same opponent be encountered again.

Lytches: Heavily armed ground troops. Equipped with the ability to spit a symbiotic material and burrow into the ground. These small soldiers can really pack a punch. The Symbiotic saliva of the Lytches carry the ability to reproduce through a host. Ken controls the Lytches the same way he controls the Kikaichū.


Drais: Small suicidal creatures the size of an apple that when threatened or commanded, explode a fiery death. These small ground troopers have no capability of flight but they make up for it with their overall speed.


Plaquespitter: Fairly large humanoid creatures. Equipped with a large plasmid cannon, the Plaquespitter serve Ken as Anti-Air forces. They can also double as a means of primary attack. What they lack in speed, they make up in sheer power.

Intara: Equipped with the ability of flight and a Neuro toxin sting, the Intara are about the size of the eye of a pin but they pack a punch. The neurotoxin in the sting isn't very potent but with the affects of the Cloud Flame, Ken can amplify the potency of the Neuro Toxin. The Intara are very expendable in battle for they live only a few hours (like the Kikai) and reproduce under Ken's skin aswell. Ken can use Secret Technique: Insect Cocoon to mass reproduce the Intara aswell.


Kaal: Equipped with an incredibly dense exoskeleton and the ability to discharge excess bone, the Kaal are Ken's main forces. Inlaced with the Cloud Flame, The Kaal are average in every way but one. Numbers. The Kaal are very expendable because everytime one is killed, two spawn within a period of seconds.


Hybrid: the Hybrid is a mixture between the Intara and the Kikaichū. Spawned from Mother Lytch, the Hybrid are a very evolved species. Capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, they are very deadly. With the genes of Mother Lytch, they are heavily armored as well. Given an incredibly potent Neuro Toxin, the Hybrid can also devour Chakra incredibly fast.


Leech: Sence Ken has tapped into Mother Lytch's power, his normal blood has been used for the horde's survival purposes. Replaced with a much thicker, denser, black ooze, Ken no longer has a mortal sence to him. He can still die of course but it's much harder due to the density of this substance. It's called Leech. Leech has been known in the Lytch Horde for its incredible healing capabilities. Leech is a living organism all of its own. Thriving inside of Ken, Leech is also absorbed into Ken's Vital Organs, such as the Brain, Heart, Liver, all that good stuff. To any other living creature, Leech is highly toxic. It could lead to death. Leech has given Ken a healing factor similar to Wolverine's.

Relik Power:

Stage One: Rank-S

From entering the Spirit Realm and returning, Ken's mind and body have been altered. Given the ability of manipulation of the mind and Focus Points, Ken's Relik Powers are nothing to be taken lightly.

Mind Manipulation: Rank-B: The extent of this ability is not as powerful as one would think. Ken can only manipulate creatures. Like wolfs, snakes, ect. With extreme focus, Ken can manipulate objects aswell. (I.E. Telekenisis)

Focus Points: Rank-A: Ken's Body has been altered in a very peculiar way. In his right arm, Ken can focus his ocular points to create small or large Chakra explosions. Ken's entire right arm has been mutated from the radioactive energy in the Rift.

Stage Two: Rank-X

Energy Absorption: Rank-S: The orb duct embedded into Ken's right hand is capable of absorbing atmospheric traces of "Relik" energy (Chakra) in the local environment and redirecting it into his personal reserves. Allowing Ken to release his Chakra in any way he chooses.

Shell Bullet Burst: Rank-X: Ken channels all of his collected "Relik" energy (Chakra) into his fist, causing a blinding golden light to emit from his right hand, before throwing a punch at a target. The resulting strike releases all of the energy in one blast, extending well beyond Ken's mêlée range (effective to at least dozens of meters) and retaining the golden luminence in the shape of a fist. This ability is easily capable of leveling a fortress.

The Cloud Flame:

Cloud Flames are one of the Dying Will Flames of the Sky and, with its characteristic, "Propagation", carries the ability of increase and replication. As such, it is suited for anything that involves increase of size and multiplication of numbers. Also, this Propagation effect is highly advantageous when performing techniques involving a large area, such as creating a cyclone or an impervious force field. Coincidental or not, a number of Cloud Box Weapons have the ability to pull out and/or absorb the Flames of an enemy. Additionally, Cloud Flames' color is purple. While the core is clear purple in color, the rest of the Cloud Flame has a very pale tone of violet, making this one of the most light-colored types of Flame. Also, unlike the other Dying Will Flames of the Sky, the Cloud Flame's shape is more oblique and somewhat unstable-looking, randomly flickering.

Azusa's Flame: Rank-X: It has the distinct appearance of a heavy, inky darkness and an energy output higher than any other Flame currently in use, thus it can easily overpower the other Flames. It causes explosive bursts of energy when used, capable of decimating entire areas in a violent burst of power, and can connect different areas through portals for a quick escape. The Flame can also coat the user, increasing their base power level. Created from the fusion of Ken's Leech and and atomically fused Flaxynitnian Sub-Crystal powder, this flame has the attributes of the Sky Flame's Harmony, the Storm Flame's Disintegration, and the Cloud Flame's Propagation.


Box Weapon: Relik Arm

Box Animal(s) : Kikaichū
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Ken's Jutsu List [Updated] [Revamped]
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