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 A Doctor's power

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Kimono Liche
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PostSubject: A Doctor's power   Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:37 am

Kimono Liche, a famous doctor and physician. Dr.Liche was a normal doctor in a normal hospital. But one day he had a very important surgery to preform. This surgery was a heart transplant on one of the leaders of the human world. He was in the middle of the surgery when he passed out. He awoke in his house with a note stapled to his cheast. It read "if you wish to continue your existence you will go to this address at 7:30pm. 185lincoln ave." Kimono left for that address at the specific time. He arrived to an abandoned warehouse. He opened the door and was surprised to see the same man he was working on in a large chair in the middle of the room. 

"Uhhh... I've answered your request now what do you want?"

The man would smirk. "Oh nothing of importance...... Just your humanity."

Kimono would be frightened and intrigued at the same time. He wanted to see what they could do to him to take his humanity.

"What do you mean take my humanity?"

The man snapped his fingers and two men would come out of the darkness behind kimono. The one on the left would hit kimono upside the head with a bat. 

Kimono woke up strapped to a table. He would see a blurry image of a man operating on him. He passed out again.

Kimono the came to this time strapped to a chair. The man was standing in front of him smiling.

The man would say "so your finaly awake. I thought you were dead for a second there."

Kimono would be dazed and reply slowly. "Uh....... What did you do to me?"

The man would reply. "I gave you a set of abilities that I know you will not be able to live with. I gave you cellular manipulation and an advanced chakra system that is irregular from most. And by the way I haven't told you that you can't use your powers until  tomorrow night. Hahahaha......... Good luck doctor."

Kimono then passed out again. He awoke in his bed thinking it was all a dream. But when he took his shirt off he saw a large scar his chest running from his neck to his lower stomach. He panicked and frantically fell onto his bed. He remembered the man's words. "You won't be able to use your new powers until tomorrow night."  Kimono would wait at home until his POWERS would awaken. Kimono would sleep fall asleep at 5pm and awake at 1am. Kimono got up from his bed and looked in the mirror. His skin would appear to melt off his body. Kimono would freak out and grab his face. His skin would seep through his fingers.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH." Kimono would scream loud enough to shake his house. He would run to the bathroom and throw up. He looked in the mirror again and saw his skin the same way it was this morning. He was thoroughly freaked out. He panicked and packed his things knowing that if anyone saw him they would freak out. He got in his car and fled from the area. He would buy a log cabin in the middle of nowhere and hone his skills. He then heard on the television that there was a strange phenomenon occurring in a nearby planet. He sought out a space exploration company and got them to send him to this planet on their way to a nearby moon. They both agreed on 3billion dollars and they sent him out there. He then arrived on a planet with who's inhabitants called it Mylania.
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A Doctor's power
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