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 First Exploration: Marketplace

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Liha Faxest
Genin of the New Terrace
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PostSubject: First Exploration: Marketplace   Tue Mar 11, 2014 6:49 pm

The sun continues to set at Liha begins to travel down towards the shopping center of Mylania, amazed at the sight of it all. The modern craftsmanship, architecture, and statues of each building struck her curiosity even more with a heavy dose of confusion. Never have she seen anything like this in her entire life in the years of the amazon. Many inhabitants of the area wandering about mining their own business in various clothing set. Scents of various flavors from foods to fragrance lingers on that caught her attention every single time, sniffing the air and licking her lips with much intention to consume and hunt down the smell. However, there would be other erupting and nasty smells around the area as well such as horrible hygiene, harmful smoke from cigarettes, and excessive amounts of fragrance on some people that harmed her nasal senses and coughed several times. Some of the people glared down at her when she coughed like that and either took it as an insult or just an asthma problem.

During her travel, she noticed a small stand filled to the brim with various fruits and veggies similar to her kind. She walks over to the counter and peeks down at the vast amounts of food. She reached out for a kiwi and takes a bite out of it, chewing greatly and spat it out from seeing how toxic it tasted. Throws it on the ground and stomp on it once while speaking in her native tongue.

"Ĉi tiu planto estas malbenita per veneno!"
(This plant is cursed with poison!)

A few of the customers who were looking at the food alongside her looked at Liha with confusion and took some steps back, making sure that she wasn't trying any funny tricks. One of the store owners walk up to her and tap her on the shoulder. His facial expression was sincere, yet concern for the customer remark.

"Excuse me, but you'll have to pay for that."

Liha looks at the store owner with disgust and points at his kiwis, still speaking in her native tongue about how corrupted his food have become by not taking proper care. Once again, she didn't understand what he said at all.

"Vi malbona kultivisto por ne montri amo kaj zorgo al la naturo!"
(You bad farmer for not showing love and care to nature!)
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First Exploration: Marketplace
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