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 The God Slayer

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Sol Insanity Trigger
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The Sentient Gateway

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PostSubject: The God Slayer   Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:04 am

Kekkei Genkai: Jewel of The Cosmos.

Gives the ability to synch his existence with spirits and also of those around him. By devouring spirits, he can inherit their memories and restore his chaos and harmony chakras, as well as gain different other abilities depending on the spirit type. The spirits become aids whenever he needs them.

When he devours transient(Hi-Angels,Hi- Demons, demi-gods, apocalypse warriors/horsemen and hellhounds, etc.) , sentient(God/Goddess, Father Time, Mother Nature, and Death), and unversed spirits, he does not gain they're memories, though he gains an equivalent amount of power. He is also unable to summon Sentient beings.

Kekkei Genkai: Spirit Synchronization

Only happens when Sol is at his peak in both Harmony and Chaos. Sol's spirit becomes completely balanced and when he remains motionless, he becomes perfect. He cannot be killed when motionless, and by expelling a large amount of chakra. However, the effect only last several moments. His body becomes inflamed by both light and darkness and he gets both black and white angel wings. He holds complete control over harmony, chaos, and spirits.

Ability: Nothingness

No form of energy can not be used within a 10 mile radius of Sol. All energy fades away if it enters the radius. Sol himself cannot use any form of energy or his souls either. This form is only achieved if Sol decides to enter Nothingness instead of Spirit Synchronization.

Harmony (Light) The power of light and the definition of holy. A power that existed since the beginning of creation. Allows usage of Solar Flare and Vanity platforms.

Hikari no Kudo (Driving Light)- A pulse of light that slams into the enemy to give distance instead of deal damage.

Hikari no Kudo Tokui (Driving Light Excell)- Chaining of Driving Light/ A pulse of light that slams into the enemy and deals small physical and large spiritual damage.

Solar Clone Jutsu- A variation of the clone jutsu. Sol uses a moderate amount of chakra to create a clone that burst into a bright solar flare when dispersed. Flash bang effect that blinds foe for no less than two post.

Salvation- Creates a field of light in a fifty foot radius that halts the movement of projectile and beam attacks. Also blast pillars of light into the air like geysers. All allies in the field have minor injuries restored.

Grand Cross- Sol uses Sanctuary's Light to attack the foe with a torrential blade of light. Whether it hits or misses, the flare of light creates a pillar in the form of a cross, 200 meters high, and 150 meters long. The cross prevents everyone besides Sol from conjuring darkness in a mile radius. Takes a moment to feed enough chakra into it to keep it sustained.

Ten no Subaki (Heaven's Judgment)- Large pillar of light that draws the soul out of all caught in the blast. Can only be used while in Spirit Synchronization.

Hosha Danmaku (Radiant Barrage)- Can only be used in Complete Harmony. Sol uses all of his power to become light and constantly lay into as many enemies as possible.

Tenshi no ichi sen-te (1000 hands of the angels)- Sol uses either Sanctuary's Light or Mitaraishi Ento Olividad to draw a fraction of the power of heaven to do 1000 light enhanced slashes so fast its as if he stopped time. Expends a heavy amount of chakra.

Lunar Flare- A quick slash (Using either a weapon or kick) that sends a large light wave soaring at the foe.

Swallow Storm- Creates a ball of light that explodes into hundreds of small light projectiles.

Vanity- Creates circular platforms of light used to travel and maneuver during a battle, also used to dodge, block, and get airborn. Can create multiples in instances, however, the more sustained, the weaker they become.

Vanity Blast- Creates a vanity platform with a rune seal on it. Taps it with light to create a blast of pure light energy. Can create multiples in every direction.

Falling Star Flail- Creates a large orb of light (Spirit Bomb) that absorbs natural energy of the planet, and then cast at enemies. Blast radius is massive, causes catastrophic Solar Flare, and only damages beings with chakra, ki, and/or reiatsu.

Complete Harmony- When Sol's Harmony chakra is full. His speed is tripled, his light abilities deal more damage, and have heavier burst (All light attacks cause Solar Flare). Can sense refraction's of light in the air to be able to tell where an opponent is and the movement of their projectile attacks. Also, Sol's harmony chakra becomes able to quell and equalize other energies.

Chaos (Darkness) The power of darkness and the definition of iniquity. A power destined to drag its user into Utter Hell. Allows melding of shadows. The off-shoot of the Chaos that existed alongside harmony before any God knew of it's existence.

Kurayami Naka Tamashi (Soul of piercing Darkness)- Sol encloaks himself in darkness. He gains range by using the darkness as several whips and spikes.

Akuma ga shōmetsu surasshu (Demon Slash Annihilation)- A flurry of slashes (Using either a weapon or kick) that sends several small darkness waves soaring at the foe.

Fulminating Darkness- Sol draws a large amount of dark chakra into one palm and unleashes it in a stream towards the enemy.

Shadow Raze- Chaining of Soul of piercing Darkness. Sol uses the darkness around him to propel himself in the air. Once up, he launches several tendrils of darkness into the ground. The tendrils combine with the shadows underground and begin to burst from the ground as large malleable geysers, attacking all enemies around.

Yami no wan sen-te (1000 blades of darkness)- Sol uses either Destiny's End or Mitaraishi Ento Olividad to draw a fraction of the power of Oblivion's Crypt to create 1000 dark enhanced blades that stick into the foe and constantly expells dark energy. Expends a heavy amount of chakra.

Raging Demon- Envelopes foe(s) in shroud of darkness and then takes them to a different dimension, where billions upon billions of demons, as well as Sol, lay into the enemy repeatedly for three seconds.

Complete Chaos- When Sol's chaos chakra is full. His physical stamina is tripled, physical strength is doubled, and his darkness becomes more potent and dangerous to try and endure. Allows the ability to attack the foes shadow instead of actually hitting the person. The chaos has an even greater balance effect than harmony, causing the foe to share the pain of Sol if he falls too far behind during a battle.

Insanity Trigger- After devouring part of Kyo's infinite soul, Sol regained the memories of his first and second life (within Viral Chaos and Scarlet Thorn). Sol has become a sentient being able to exist within a transient plane. As such, when he arrives, fate will seal off all branching lines of destiny and any happening within his vicinity will become final, unable to be rewritten in time. The only way to change this is to completely erase the time of the happening, however, if the person who manipulates fate cannot write in an equal or greater event within the empty space, all life will come to an end.

More to come with training and memory gain.

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PostSubject: Re: The God Slayer   Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:07 am


...Tell Me...What Do You See..?

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The God Slayer
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