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 Spade's Techs

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PostSubject: Spade's Techs   Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:53 am

Chakra Natures - Lightning, Darkness


Kido - Has the ability to use all forms of Kido but any Kido above #60 will do physical damage while any Kido above #85 will cause either death or a near-death experience. He is the master of all Kido ranging from #1-35, not being too efficient with the others.

Hoho(Flash Step) - Allows Spade to move over long distances in a really short period of time.

Materialization - N/A


Telekinesis - So far, when his mask is activated, Spade has manipulation over basic telekinesis. This allows him to call forth his weapon with the flick of a wrist or fight with both his fists, still using his Zanpakuto at the same time. Not having much practice, he's not too good at moving around objects larger than himself.

Sonido - The hollow equivalent to the Hoho(Flash Step). Allows movement over a long distance in a short amount of time. He is able to use this since he is a hollow.

Manifestation - N/A


(Note: These cant be used unless he goes into Shikai)
Shikai State- Allows enhanced manipulation over lightning/electricity. Speed, strength, and etc. is also significantly increased. All of his lightning based attacks AND jutsu are noticeably increased, power and speed wise.

Screeching Bolt - A swift bolt, which produces a loud, screeching noise, is brought down on the opponent. The result of getting hit by the bolt is a high-voltage electrocution. Extra effects range from large burns(mild to severe) to paralysis. The screeching noise from the bolt can cause the opponent's ear to bleed and temporary deafness.

Crackle - N/A


Black Mist(Dark Reiatsu) - By fusing his Darkness Element with his Reiatsu, Spade is able to exert his spiritual pressure out in the form of a black/dark fog or mist. The mist has the potential to mess with the opponents senses while preventing them from seeing. Though, this is only the Black Mist's minor function. It's main objective involves using the Darkness Element to absorb the opponent's chakra. At his current, he can only absorb small amounts of chakra at a time. (Requires a tenth of his current chakra to activate)

Electrical Discharge(Lightning Reiatsu) - By fusing his Lightning Element with his Reiatsu, Spade emits a vast amount of light from his body, covering a decent amount of space. The light created by the lightning would be bright enough to blind anyone inside and outside of it. Inside of the area covered by Spade's Electrical Discharge, lightning freely roams about, moving with enough force to dent tempered steel. Anyone within the light will, unless they can see and avoid it, be continuously electrocuted by the roaming lightning until Spade defuses the Lightning from his Reiatsu. The lightning can cause a considerable amount of damage on contact and sometimes, can even cause paralysis. His "Electrical Discharge"(Lightning Reiatsu) becomes much stronger when he activates his Shikai, becoming really devastating. (Requires half of his current chakra to activate)

Lightning Release

Electric Wave - Sends a wave of Lightning at the opponent. The lightning wave has the potential to crush and electrocute anything they touch, with a rather large chance of paralysis.

Lightning Pillar - A pillar of lightning that instantly erupts from under the ground, not giving any hints that it is going to occur.

Electric Beasts - Allows Spade to create beasts or animals made from lightning. The animals can be either dragons(chinese or euro), wolves, and lions, all the way to bunnies, rats, and birds.

Spark - N/A

Improvises the rest.

Darkness Release

Spade's Darkness - Spade's Darkness was activated upon his previous lust for destruction, being in the 11th Division himself. As he causes more destruction or damage, his Darkness reaches new heights.

Dark Wave - Releases a wave of Darkness. A thin wave will usually slice or cut the opponent while a thicker wave will usually have a crushing affect, leaving them with bruises and even some cuts/scratches.

Dark Constructs - Can create constructs from Darkness. The constructs range from weapons(swords, bullets, spears) to defense objects(walls, shields) to other helpful constructs(whips/chains/rope, flying orbs, gloves).

Inhalation Energy - This is one of main usages of his Darkness Element. Anything that comes in contact with his Inhalation Energy will have their/it's chakra absorbed. Attacks will absorb chakra from the "object", powering it up, before returning the gained chakra to Spade. For his Darkness attacks to have these affects, he must first induce them with the Inhalation Energy. The energy is transparent/clear. Is currently not strong enough to control the energy with actual attacks(e.g; a wave of darkness).

Corruption Energy - Another main usage of his Darkness Element. Anybody who comes in contact with this will have their chakra network corrupted. This means executing a jutsu will require even more chakra than it previously needed. For his Darkness attacks to have these affects, he will have to induce them with his Corruption Energy. The energy is black/dark navy blue in color. He is currently not strong enough to control the energy without actual attacks(e.g; a wave of darkness)

Dark Devastation - N/A

Improvises the rest


Spade has knowledge of pretty much all the basic ninja jutsu and knows how to preform them. He's quite able at break (simple) genjutsu and ninjutsu using a hand sign while saying "Kai." He also knows other jutsu such as (Weapon) Shadow Clone Jutsu; creating clones of his weapons.
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The Dark King of Elysium

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PostSubject: Re: Spade's Techs   Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:55 am

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Spade's Techs
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