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 Alistar's Origin

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Alistar Slade
Drifting Sannin
Drifting Sannin

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PostSubject: Alistar's Origin   Fri Mar 25, 2011 6:55 pm

Born of assassin parents, Alistar Slade was trained to be a killer since he was able to walk. His father taught him how to handle guns and explosives while his mother taught him how to use blades and technology, they also trained his body. He was injected with an enhancement serum when he was thirteen which granted him enhanced senses, enhanced strength, enhanced reflexes, and increased intelligence. However, when he was injected with the serum, it unlocked his dormant psionic abilities. Alistar was able to gather energy around him and teleport himself anywhere within range of his sight (which thanks to the serum is measured in miles). His parents continued to train him until he was seventeen years of age, when Alistar decided they were no longer a match for him.
Most of Alistar's life, his parents told him they were soldiers and they wanted him to be ready for the world. On his seventeenth birthday, he learned they had lied to him and were killers. He became enraged and challenged them to a fight to the death, saying he would "teach them the meaning of death". His mother was the first to engage him, he simply smiled and threw his knife through her throat. His father watched her die and charged forward, Alistar threw a swift and precise kick and dislocated his father's leg. He then grabbed his father by the throat and made him veer into his eyes, Alistar made his father relive the kills of his past.
Finding his past sins too much to bear, Alistar's father slashed his left eye out. Alistar screamed in agony as he ram his father's own blade through his heart. From that day forward Alistar wore an eye-patch. When the bodies of his parents were found, it was said his father was missing his left eye with the message "eye for an eye" carved into his chest. Alistar soon became a mercenary, gaining both fear and respect. He's mastered his psionic abilities, he has perfected it the point he can construct a body of psionic energy around himself and even convert the energy into electricity if he wishes.
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Alistar Slade
Drifting Sannin
Drifting Sannin

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PostSubject: Re: Alistar's Origin   Thu May 12, 2011 11:14 am

Ten years after the kill of his parents, Alistar joined an organization known as the Wolves. They were high rank mercenaries, precise ones at that. Alistar befriended a girl named Penelope Crane, she was the best female mercenary in the organization. She and Alistar were often sent on missions together, forming a friendship that they both felt would never be broken.
Alistar worked with the Wolves for three years, Penelope being his primary reason. He and Penelope were the best mercenaries that the Wolves had seen in years past, and the U.L.A. (United League of Assassins) didn't like that. Using a mole inside the Wolves, they set up both Penelope and Alistar. Sending them on a false mission, that was really an ambush.
This was the first time Penelope witnessed the psionic powers Alistar told her so much about, he channeled energy and fired it out. The assassins began to shoot at them, Alistar gathered energy and force it outward toward them and it destroyed their guns, this was an early Repulse. Penelope was amazed at Alistar, she reached to give him a hug, an arrow pierces her heart and she falls upon Alistar's chest. Enraged and without knowledge of where the arrow came from, Alistar gathered more energy and then released it in every direction. It destroyed everything and left a crater, Alistar would see the damaged caused and teleport himself out of the area.
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Alistar's Origin
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