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Dominacion Mortelle/NYD (Not Yet Decided)

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Dominacion Mortelle Guidelines

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Dominacion Mortelle Rules and Regulations

633Unversed List
Sun Mar 18, 2012 12:17 pm
Kusanagi View latest post
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Dominacion Mortelle Stat Sheet

1123Dante's Stats
Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:40 pm
Ravage Uchiha View latest post
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Clan legends

Where all Clans list their Clans (those who share their name, lineage and ability) and Family (those who are relatives, and yes, there is a difference.) One will put the nature of their Clan, the special abilities that their Clan passes down, and Kekkei Genkai or other shared traits. Be sure to include history, location, and general traditions and anything else you think should be added to make up your full Clan history.

Dominacion Mortelle Aspects

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Weapon of Innocence

Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:26 pm
Ravage Uchiha View latest post

Assam; The Magnetic Nexus

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Radiant Fountain

A beautiful field of shining flowers, with several jewel encrusted benches and fountains, all surrounding one large and gorgeous fountain that spews the purest of water in existence, never to stop flowing.
4128Orders for explo...
Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:03 pm
Sevyn Tyn View latest post
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Puentes Magnéticos; Magnetic Bridges (Nexus)

Fortified, magnetic bridges made from the mystical metal and powerfully attractive magnets of the Core Heart, which connect all things of Dominacion Mortelle in some way, shape or form. They always lead you to where you wish to be, so that one does not get confused in the nexus. Under the bridges is a hidden city of utter ruin, known as Dispur, the Promise land, as well as a dark forest where many creatures roam free.
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Corazón Del Núcleo; The Core Heart

The Metallic Core of True Life, Truth and Rebirth, made from Blaze himself, which connects and powers the Tripura (The three parts of Dominacion Mortelle) through the absolute midpoint, the Metallic Nexus. It bears the Metallic Treasures of the Omniverse, the Weapons of Absolute Destruction, sentients, perfectly manifested gear that is made of The Dying Kingdom of Diamonds, and brings about the wishes of those who are allowed to consume it, by Blaze's will. Blaze exists as and in this core, and may be any and all he wishes to be and where. This allows Blaze to actively maintain his homes. At the birth of this core, as a testament to its creation, it brings about the new age of the Village of Day-Ascend, and raises the Metallic Flying Village that once was the Diamond Village sky back to the skies, restoring its definite power that it lost, and the Technological Village in the Darkness that once was the ground back to its former glory.
Magnetic Ridge, Core Heart, Metalline Domicile
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Llanuras Peligro; Danger Plains

An odd field that is the meeting place of every part of Dominacion Mortelle. It is the easiest way to enter these places through the planar rifts, and are able to be opened and closed at will. Being so close to Dispur, however, means that the outlaws of the land may enter at any time they wish... However, at the risk of them becoming targeted by those who want them dead. Thus, even the outlaws have to play smart.
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La Tierra Prometida; Dispur, The Promise Land

A lawless land stuck under the Metallic Bridge that used to be a prosperous city that fell into ruin. This dilapidated section of the village was never restored to its former glory, as it had been inhabited by many outlaws that defended this territory as the lawless land that it was, never to allow rule to come to it. Thus, Dispur, The Promise Lands, belongs to all those who evade the law, where no law can be brought to this land. In it, there are the Danger Plains, which allows instantaneous transition between Night-Fall and the Day-Ascend villages; a Connector, much like the Metallic Bridge itself.
Dispur, Shinobi's Wasteland, Magnetism Factory, Minaret, Old Lightning City, Lost tower, Zodiac Mountain

Día Ascender; Day-Ascend

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Reino Del Cielo; The Sky Realm

The northernmost section of the Night-Fall village. The ever free and majestic sky realm, Reino Del Cielo, where one may soar as free as a bird on the magical winds and travel between the floating islands that make up this wonderful place. Its stronghold happens to be the most sanctified place in the Night-Fall; the Sky Realm itself. From here, all of the bird entities have been born, and usually keep to themselves in privacy, but are friendly when approached with peace... As is that of the wind.
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El Paraíso De Un Rayo; The Lightning Paradise

The westernmost geographical section of the Day-Ascend known as the 'Lightning Paradise.' A congregation of locations associated with the very Shocking skies themselves, wrapped in as much mystery as their dangerous Clouds. Harboring the stronghold of all the clouds within the electrified mountain and clouds, el paraíso de un rayo is a wondrous cloud-filled paradise that all can enjoy, refresh and cleanse themselves within the ever purifying mountains. All clouds that circulates through the Day-Ascend comes from here.
The Forgotten City, The Lightning Sanctuary, Oasis of the Soul
17Taking a break f...
Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:51 pm
Sevyn Tyn View latest post
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Corazón Del Núcleo Cuidad; The Core Heart City

The very top of the Core Heart, which is a city in and of itself. With very mysterious properties, this beautiful city harbors residents to all of the glorious creations, deities, gods, and other beings beyond the normalcy of Mylania. It is known as the perfect city where all beings are able to be as they please, with respect and understanding to themselves and all others.
Corazón Del Núcleo Jardín; The Core Heart Garden, Deslizamientos Cambiantes; Shifting Landslides, Fuente De Suenos; Fountain of Dreams
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Fantastico vientos; The Land of Formidable Winds

The southernmost section of the Day-Ascend. The great land shaped by legendary sands known as the Fantastico vientos. When the lands have dictated a time for change, these sands will wipe away all they do not wish to have, changing them intentionally instantly. However, the land masses here are gorgeous, and it is quite temperate, even in such a cold nature. There tend to be volcanoes and deserts here, however there are also inhabitable places, since this land is not just desolate and barren.
The Great Winds, Fire Sanctuary, Lava Pits, Crater Hills
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Tierra Region; The Earth Region

The easternmost section of the Day-Ascend. Known as the Land of Beautiful Earth, Tierra region holds the richest soil one could ever imagine, with a sheen so lustrous it is said to glow silver. Underground, there are a great many minerals to be mined, and the soil above is able to sustain any kind of agricultural life. Thus, there are many forests, mountains, and even ice caps, for the silver land also is because of a peculiar frozen field...
Rockslide Valley, Earth Sanctuary, Paramount Peak, Cave of Question, The Great Maze

The Center-Battlegrounds

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Combat Zone

An enormous, city-sized battle field for all to train and hone their skills, take ranking exams or engage in epic combat. This place has been specially picked out for its wonderful landscaping, due to the great mountains that reside here, the lush greenery, the riverbanks and lake as well as hills and valleys. A great resource for any type of training or spar, having all variety of terrain. When you feel like your training is done, you may test your might at combat stadium or against another opponent in Remembrance.
Training Arena, Sparring fields, Remembrance, The Rise, Combat Stadium
18Waiting for big ...
Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:26 pm
Kitana Yayoi View latest post

Caída De La Noche; Night-Fall

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Land of Gushing Winds

This is a land consisting of overwhelming winds. They are not necessarily cold winds, they are more warm than anything. It is said that the wind blows south. No one has ever fought through it before. Will you be the one?
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The Thunderbolt

This is a mountain made of the most dense metal in the universe. Lightning strikes this mountain continuously making it one of the most dangerous places to be. This is said to be Ray Raizu's Domain.
15Preparations: Gi...
Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:13 pm
Yutake Hiroki View latest post
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The Lodges

These lodges, which are located about a half mile south of the Leader's Cirle, are a place for the respectable lower ranked shinobi to stay until they earn their right to own a residence inside of the Diamond Kingdom. See the lodge attendant at the front desk of the check in office.
424Wake up, Region....
Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:21 am
Turbo View latest post
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The Dark Forest

This is home to many beast who sit waiting for their next meal. They dont come out into the the village because they are afraid of sunlight, or light in general. There are many skeletal remains here. Some of which belong to human beings. Beware...
16Stop Fucking Wit...
Sat Mar 15, 2014 2:11 am
Prescilla View latest post
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The Formidable Bridge

This is an incredibly huge bridge which is used to leave the village. It is a 10 mile bridge. This is the only way out, either this or flying. Portals and teleporting can be used but it isnt encouraged.
Rising Tides
Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:57 pm
Vincent Moriarty View latest post
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The Land of the Light

This is a small town which holds many aspired religious followers. They are heavily guarded by 'The Light' and cannot be swayed by anyone without faith. Most of the time it is very gloomy, but their faith in 'The Light' keeps them going.
Desert of Divination, City of the forgotten
315A first practice...
Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:30 pm
Shinok View latest post
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Mirage Island

This is an island filled with beast of almost infinite power. They consider themselves sentient beings who only associate with others who are equally as strong.
Dragon's Ravine, Heaven's Spire, Diamond Chalice, Crystal Caverns, Tower of Ice Crystals
775The First Encoun...
Sun Feb 23, 2014 2:07 pm
Kusanagi View latest post
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