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PostSubject: Turbo Speed!   Turbo Speed! I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 11, 2014 12:37 am

Name: Drache von Laurel
Alias: Turbo
Age: 13
Height: 5'11”
Weight: 175 lbs
Eye Color: Misty Gray
Hair Color: White/Grayish

Past, Present, Future: Drache von Laurel was born alone in a cold world. Both his parents died when he was at a really young age, most of which he cannot recall if their deaths were related to a bandit raid, sickness or some other form of misfortune. The young boy decided to become mute, not really wanting to speak with the outside world because of how shunned and ignored he was as a small kid. With no one to care for or love him, Drache become a sort of nomad, wandering between the lands and trying to find his own niche to fit into.

Unfortunately for Drache, being mute never really helped him fit into anywhere. When he was around the age of 7, the young boy grew hungry and had no other choice but to steal from a fruit seller. He was fast for his age, able to outwit many and outrun even the most hardened of adults. However, his own cockiness lead to him being cornered after stealing and subsequently beaten. This harsh beating left his lungs punctured, his body badly injured and worst of all, his speech became heavily impaired to the point of where he could no longer speak.

Drache was destined to die that day and he would have, saved for a traveling merchant. This man found the damaged boy in the dark alley and ran to his aid. This merchant took him into his own home (wagon) and helped nurse him back to health. When trying to speak and finding he couldn't find the strength nor voice to do so, Drache resorted to crying. What good was he if he couldn't even speak? On top of that, his body, more specifically his legs, were badly wounded. Even should he heal, there would be the high chance he'd never be able to walk again.

The merchant wouldn't let the boy fall into despair nor would he leave him alone to fend for himself. Rather, he opted to adopt him and adopt him he did. Around the age of 10, Drache had taken on a new moniker. Turbo. This name was granted to him when he helped the merchant build a pair of steampunk styled roller blades. These skates were powered by crystal able to absorb a large amount of wind and forcefully blow it through several exhaust pipes on the sides of the skates, to create a large turbo boost in speed. With that, the rollerblading street punk known as, Turbo, was born.

However, another entity was born deep within Turbo as he continued to age. The crystal he was subtly being exposed to the more he used the skates, tapped into his blood. This happening chilled his blood and bones to their very core, causing him to release rampant outbursts of flying icicles. Over time, the merchant father believed that Turbo might have awakened to his hidden potential to use some form of magic or techniques that allowed him to manipulate the elements. He continued to speculate that the crystal may be the cause for this and due to it, he wanted to test Turbo's abilities.

For the next three years Turbo honed his abilities to manipulate Wind, Water and Ice. One day, when resting by a lakeside, his merchant father left off to go get some refreshments. As Turbo lounged around, he heard the shrill cry of a small creature. As curious as he were, the young boy found a small reptilian with wings beached upon the shore. It cried out as it was slowly dying due to dehydration and the fist thing Turbo figured to do was to put it back into the ocean. This, however, proved to kickstart another odd happening within Turbo's blood. He bonded with the dragon hatchling in that very moment, assimilating its memories and becoming almost a blood brother with it. The shock rendered Turbo unconscious as he fell into the lake, thus saving the baby dragon at the same time.

When he finally came to, the merchant father worriedly looked upon his adopted son. The boy's eyes held reptilian slits, his normally tanned skin shifted between dark blue scales and his teeth often grew into large fangs. This was all happening as he slept for a few days and on several occasions, he nearly injured his own adoptive father. The father wanted Turbo to be well and told him of a land where their may be some form of doctors or priestess that could tell what has happened to his body. Giving him a map and pointing to the distant land of Mylania. Turbo eventually agreed after many arguments and his father opted for him to go alone. The young boy was distraught over this, but this was only because of his father's ever growing illness.

For years his father had been able to repress it, but thanks to limitations of medicine, it was beginning to take its toll. He was able to carry on so strongly thanks to Turbo always being there in his presence. The old man eventually succumbed to his illness a few months later, but not before leaving behind some clothing, a pair of goggles and a letter. It told Turbo to stay strong and make it out on his own. That he was strong enough to move on no matter what hardships he faced. Burying his adoptive father and shedding the last tears of the events, Turbo hid away the wagon and in a determined state of mind, skated all the way to the land of Mylania...
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