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 My story

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PostSubject: My story   Fri Mar 18, 2011 3:43 pm

Name: Azuma

Age: 16

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Golden

Height: 153.2 cm

Weight: 43.5 kg

Bio: I am Azuma. My life has been nothing but terrible pain and sadness, as I have endured what I like to call "6 Great Pains" to get where I am today. It all began when I was a young boy, my family was part of a very prestigious line of mafia families. We were rich and famous underworld kings, the top dogs of the slum. Though because of how dangerous our situation was, we were always targeted to be taken down for our title. All the time people came to try to get rid of us, yet time and time again they failed and we stayed on top. One day, though, we were greeted by another family just as prestigious as we were. They wanted us out of the game, but we didn't know this They became close to us. Without our knowledge, one by one our family was kidnapped and/or slaughtered by them, and always we blamed it on someone else. Even until the very end. Finally, it was only me and my father left, the Godfather, in fact. He was taken out by their family without my knowledge and I was alone. Soon they came for me to ensure that our family did not prosper ever again in the future and that's when I found out that our closest friends were our greatest enemies. I escaped with barely my life, numerous bullet wounds and broken bones all over... and because of my young age, I had nowhere to go or what to do. This is what I like to call the first Pain.

I barely remember the next few years of my life, as they were all a blur, however in those years I met a friend of mine. We were very good friends. He became my new family because of the loss of my last. We did everything together and went everywhere together. We were inseparable. Then one day I met a girl. She was the most beautiful girl in the world to me, and we soon became intimate. However, when we were asleep, he tried to assassinate the two of us. He took care of her first because he was jealous of how close we had gotten, and when I woke up he was coming for me as well. It turned out that he was part of that mafia family from the past, and though he was rather fond of me, he was sent to kill me. I ran. I never saw him again. These were pains 2 and 3.

I found that there was no way out of this... My life must have been cursed. I was not meant for happiness, it seemed... So, what was I to do? What could I do? I didn't know anymore. My mind started to slip from reality... I was losing my grip on my sanity. Pain number 4, the loss of my mind. With no one in my life and nothing to believe or trust in, I turned my head to the devil, making a pact with him and giving him my eternal soul upon my death. Pain number 5.

As the years rolled on, I lost all of my morals, all of my thoughts of humanity... the line between good and bad was unclear to me now. I only lived to do whatever came to my mind first, no matter what it was, and to do the bidding of the dark prince. I was no longer human in my ways... I had lost the only thing left for me... my humanity. The final pain.
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My story
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